Monday, September 10, 2012

Laid back kind of day...

Today at work was rather crazy for me. I worked with a different MA down my hall & let me just tell you it was rather nice. I really didn't know what else to do since she is so much more laid back & the other MA is a little more...not uptight, but just not as laid back.

I do kind of feel like I didn't get anything done. But I did quite a bit today to be honest. I guess I'm just not used to working with someone who is more than willing to help me out when I need it. Atleast today my back isn't sore like it normally is. But I don't go back to nursing until Friday....and I'm working with her again so it shouldn't be that bad.

9 months old
My little man is 9 months old today!! I can't believe it. I swear, the time is flying so much faster this time around then it did the first. Tomorrow we have his dr apt. so we will see how much he has grown since 3 months ago. He's on the short side, I know that for sure. As for weight he may only be a pound or 2 more...or possibly stayed the same, I don't know. He is hitting milestones like crazy tho, so I'm not too worried about that. He has atleast 6-8 teeth already, and he can stand alone for a good period of time, but only a few attempts at taking a few steps. Otherwise we are pretty much great at walking while holding on to 2 fingers and sometimes one.

Drooling has been like a sport around here. I think he drools more then anything else anymore.

Colby has been doing really great. He goes to preschool tomorrow (he goes Tuesdays & Thursdays) and I know he absolutatly LOVES school. Betty Jo tells us all the time how happy he is when he gets there and just how much fun he has when he is there. It gives me great hope for the future & when he enters kindergarten. My hope for him is that he will be ready for kindergarten when he uis 5 and won't have to wait to start at 6. I didn't started until I was 6, so it's not that big of a deal. I just want him to be ready.

Nothing too much else to talk about. I will post William's results when I get home tomorrow. Hopefully we have grow a little more then last time.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Macbook vs PC

Alright, so I know there really is no comparing between a macbook & PC but I really am in need of a new computer. My computer right now has been doing pretty well for being as old as it is, but I need something with webcam built in & something that doesn't freeze up after 20 minutes of use.

Now, my dream would be to own a 15" MacBook Pro. BUT it all depends on what my tax return ends up being this year. If I end up with more then $6,000 then I will splurge on a MacBook. If I get less then that I think I will just settle for a Toshiba 17" computer that I found that I actually kind of like.

So right now I am watching the Giants vs Cowboys game. haha I wish Ray was home so I could force him to watch with me. He used to be a really big Cowboys fan but since has fallen from being a "super fan". I, even being a Packer fan, am cheering for the Giants. I kind of grew to like them last season & was pretty excited that they won the super bowl.

With the weather finally starting to cool off, it's starting to feel like football season again. I LOVE this time of year. From August until February, we are all about football in this house!

OH, yes. My Huskers won on Saturday!! WHOOP WHOOP! Super proud of my boys! Taylor Martinez has widely improved his game, and I'm glad because I was gonna write & tell them to bench him if he hadn't gotten help over the summer. I mean, this is your junior should know what needs to be fixed and what is expected of you. So I'm proud of him!

Really sucks that my Sexy Rexy got hurt tho. He is on my fantasy team damn it! haha but seriously he's one of our best players and he got benched.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Well ladies and gents, it has been a good while since I last got to sit here at my poor little gateway and type out my feelings but here I am. It feels pretty good to be back in the saddle again....<-- that sounds tacky.

Anywho, not too much has really been happening in the world of me. This whole month I will mostly be working in the nursing department. I'm rather excited but a little nervous. Yesterday I got the *snap snap* "we gotta start gettin' quicker" speech. Everyone has told me not to get too upset about it since I've only been a CNA now for maybe...2 weeks? haha maybe. But I still feel like I should have this whole thing down by now. I know since I will be doing this job a lot more now, I will get better and I will get faster. I just hope I can stay doing a good job even if I do get faster. Sometimes being fast is not the best thing in the world.

What else is there to talk about? Hmmm.. oh yes. The douchbag that was working at bar quit so now Ray got a raise and we actually have a little more money on hand. I couldn't be more happy. I think if Ray tried to get a day off, he probably would be able to now since there are other people who can cover for him and are more then willing to do that.

Speaking of this situation, one of my coworkers...I'll call her, *Sherry* ....has started hanging out with this guy who quit the bar. Now, I don't know how to explain it, but it is such an awful idea for her to be doing that. He is one of those guys that will stalk you until you answer or call back. He thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread, and he's really just a only child loser. Now, I know she is divorced and she is lonely, but to me, her hanging out with him just makes her look extremely desperate. She is also friends with the biggest whore in the town, but refuses to realize that that's what she is. I guess in this town, the only way to "have a good time" is to hook up with someone or have sex...yea, that's what gets you a reputation.

---sorry, this has turned into a vent---
Sherry* is also the friend who has told me that I should not even bother talking to Ray about moving or wanting to build or marriage or any of those things. I did, however, tell Ray what she said and he is actually rather upset about it. He told me he wishes she would stop saying that shit, but like I told him, she thinks she knows him better then I do. She also is the one who has called be bipolar because I refuse to dance in the bar here in this small ass town. Sorry, but I don't feel the need to dance in a small town bar. Too many eyes on me. Now if this was Lincoln, sure why not. Bigger bar, it's dark, people don't give a shit what I do. Small town bar, people EXPECT you to act like a fool and grind all over them because you did it one night when you were super drunk. Apparently, this makes me bipolar.....??
She sure likes judging me. Hon, you hang out with a slut, & I don't go around calling you a slut, I just try to help you realize why people are talking.
~~~Vent Over~~~
My little men are growing up so darn fast. William is going to be 9 months old here on the 10th and I can't believe it. I'm still in the process of trying to figure out what to do for his birthday. Since we have no idea what the weather will be like, I can't really prepare.
Colby is 3 and doing amazing at his new preschool. He is really starting to talk more then what he was. He doesn't talk a WHOLE lot, but he has been using his words much more then before, so I'm really glad.
haha ok, so there really wasn't much of an update there but I guess I more just wanted to vent it all out.
Alright, until next time!