Sunday, December 9, 2012

Oh Gosh..

I always seem to forget that I have a blog and that I should update it every once in awhile. But I never seem to get around to it, and I always seem to never have anything to write about when I come back to it.

Well, here is my slight attempt at an update on me and my life....

Tomorrow my baby boy, William, turns ONE!!! OMG!! I can't believe how fast this year has gone. I think today, if it's not freezing, I will get me and the boys some subway in honor of this day, because I know I was eating everything spicy so I could have my baby on the full moon last year. Sure worked like a charm :)

I had a list of books that I started at the beginning of the year because I was determined to read more books this year then I had before...well...I am at what? 18? 19 books? :( Rather sad to be honest. I think I at one time thought I could maybe read 100 books in a year....well...only having around 20 isn't really a goal met, that's for sure. But I guess with a little one in the house that requires much more attention then my first child did, it's really hard to concentrate on a book until both children are sleeping. So my hopes is that I can get myself some books and start into reading again. I guess this is always a goal of mine, but it seems like so many books are now series, and I really don't feel like reading a "series" of books again. I was told that Bared To You is really good, but it is also a series....grrr. I have finally got my hands on the book The Host. (yea, getting ready to leave the thrift store and there it was, sitting on the shelf, looking completely brand new, what luck huh?) So I decided that I need to start reading again and started this little brick last night. I knew I would need something for the holidays since we always seem to manage to stay with annoying people during the holidays. I was hoping to find a good holiday book, but those are hard to find if you ask me. But a good brick to read is probably better anyway :)

There really isn't too much more going on. Colby has been doing fantastic in school. He's starting to say more words then what we could have ever hoped for!

Oh yes, I am also a Scentsy Consultant now :) if you're interested in buying, hosting or joining scentsy, here is my link! Feel free to check it out!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Laid back kind of day...

Today at work was rather crazy for me. I worked with a different MA down my hall & let me just tell you it was rather nice. I really didn't know what else to do since she is so much more laid back & the other MA is a little more...not uptight, but just not as laid back.

I do kind of feel like I didn't get anything done. But I did quite a bit today to be honest. I guess I'm just not used to working with someone who is more than willing to help me out when I need it. Atleast today my back isn't sore like it normally is. But I don't go back to nursing until Friday....and I'm working with her again so it shouldn't be that bad.

9 months old
My little man is 9 months old today!! I can't believe it. I swear, the time is flying so much faster this time around then it did the first. Tomorrow we have his dr apt. so we will see how much he has grown since 3 months ago. He's on the short side, I know that for sure. As for weight he may only be a pound or 2 more...or possibly stayed the same, I don't know. He is hitting milestones like crazy tho, so I'm not too worried about that. He has atleast 6-8 teeth already, and he can stand alone for a good period of time, but only a few attempts at taking a few steps. Otherwise we are pretty much great at walking while holding on to 2 fingers and sometimes one.

Drooling has been like a sport around here. I think he drools more then anything else anymore.

Colby has been doing really great. He goes to preschool tomorrow (he goes Tuesdays & Thursdays) and I know he absolutatly LOVES school. Betty Jo tells us all the time how happy he is when he gets there and just how much fun he has when he is there. It gives me great hope for the future & when he enters kindergarten. My hope for him is that he will be ready for kindergarten when he uis 5 and won't have to wait to start at 6. I didn't started until I was 6, so it's not that big of a deal. I just want him to be ready.

Nothing too much else to talk about. I will post William's results when I get home tomorrow. Hopefully we have grow a little more then last time.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Macbook vs PC

Alright, so I know there really is no comparing between a macbook & PC but I really am in need of a new computer. My computer right now has been doing pretty well for being as old as it is, but I need something with webcam built in & something that doesn't freeze up after 20 minutes of use.

Now, my dream would be to own a 15" MacBook Pro. BUT it all depends on what my tax return ends up being this year. If I end up with more then $6,000 then I will splurge on a MacBook. If I get less then that I think I will just settle for a Toshiba 17" computer that I found that I actually kind of like.

So right now I am watching the Giants vs Cowboys game. haha I wish Ray was home so I could force him to watch with me. He used to be a really big Cowboys fan but since has fallen from being a "super fan". I, even being a Packer fan, am cheering for the Giants. I kind of grew to like them last season & was pretty excited that they won the super bowl.

With the weather finally starting to cool off, it's starting to feel like football season again. I LOVE this time of year. From August until February, we are all about football in this house!

OH, yes. My Huskers won on Saturday!! WHOOP WHOOP! Super proud of my boys! Taylor Martinez has widely improved his game, and I'm glad because I was gonna write & tell them to bench him if he hadn't gotten help over the summer. I mean, this is your junior should know what needs to be fixed and what is expected of you. So I'm proud of him!

Really sucks that my Sexy Rexy got hurt tho. He is on my fantasy team damn it! haha but seriously he's one of our best players and he got benched.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Well ladies and gents, it has been a good while since I last got to sit here at my poor little gateway and type out my feelings but here I am. It feels pretty good to be back in the saddle again....<-- that sounds tacky.

Anywho, not too much has really been happening in the world of me. This whole month I will mostly be working in the nursing department. I'm rather excited but a little nervous. Yesterday I got the *snap snap* "we gotta start gettin' quicker" speech. Everyone has told me not to get too upset about it since I've only been a CNA now for maybe...2 weeks? haha maybe. But I still feel like I should have this whole thing down by now. I know since I will be doing this job a lot more now, I will get better and I will get faster. I just hope I can stay doing a good job even if I do get faster. Sometimes being fast is not the best thing in the world.

What else is there to talk about? Hmmm.. oh yes. The douchbag that was working at bar quit so now Ray got a raise and we actually have a little more money on hand. I couldn't be more happy. I think if Ray tried to get a day off, he probably would be able to now since there are other people who can cover for him and are more then willing to do that.

Speaking of this situation, one of my coworkers...I'll call her, *Sherry* ....has started hanging out with this guy who quit the bar. Now, I don't know how to explain it, but it is such an awful idea for her to be doing that. He is one of those guys that will stalk you until you answer or call back. He thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread, and he's really just a only child loser. Now, I know she is divorced and she is lonely, but to me, her hanging out with him just makes her look extremely desperate. She is also friends with the biggest whore in the town, but refuses to realize that that's what she is. I guess in this town, the only way to "have a good time" is to hook up with someone or have sex...yea, that's what gets you a reputation.

---sorry, this has turned into a vent---
Sherry* is also the friend who has told me that I should not even bother talking to Ray about moving or wanting to build or marriage or any of those things. I did, however, tell Ray what she said and he is actually rather upset about it. He told me he wishes she would stop saying that shit, but like I told him, she thinks she knows him better then I do. She also is the one who has called be bipolar because I refuse to dance in the bar here in this small ass town. Sorry, but I don't feel the need to dance in a small town bar. Too many eyes on me. Now if this was Lincoln, sure why not. Bigger bar, it's dark, people don't give a shit what I do. Small town bar, people EXPECT you to act like a fool and grind all over them because you did it one night when you were super drunk. Apparently, this makes me bipolar.....??
She sure likes judging me. Hon, you hang out with a slut, & I don't go around calling you a slut, I just try to help you realize why people are talking.
~~~Vent Over~~~
My little men are growing up so darn fast. William is going to be 9 months old here on the 10th and I can't believe it. I'm still in the process of trying to figure out what to do for his birthday. Since we have no idea what the weather will be like, I can't really prepare.
Colby is 3 and doing amazing at his new preschool. He is really starting to talk more then what he was. He doesn't talk a WHOLE lot, but he has been using his words much more then before, so I'm really glad.
haha ok, so there really wasn't much of an update there but I guess I more just wanted to vent it all out.
Alright, until next time!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


So it has been a really long time since I last posted anything, but here I am today!

Not too much has really been going on. I have done my studies & now am a CNA! Yey! I'm so glad that I have made this transition into the nursing world. I finally feel like I have a career more then just a "job". I do, however, feel that being a CNA is def at the bottom of the food chain. But the next step would be to be a Med Aide & I don't think I'm ready for that. At least not yet. I want to improve my skills as a CNA before I move forward as a MA.

Colby is in preschool & he has been doing great! We also think that we have an idea of what is wrong with him. It's called Auditory Neuropothy. I think this has to be the issue but we have to get him tested first.

William has been doing great as well. He is almost 9 months old & already is trying to take off walking...I'm a little nervous for that! He just got tooth 3 & 4 on the top so we have 4 lil teethies

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Well it has been a good while since I last wrote a blog entry. I have been extremely busy with work and the kids. Where do I start??

Work. Since half of my department decided that they wanted to go into the nursing department, I have decided that I would go ahead and move myself into that department also. Right now I am taking classes to get certified as a NA. Let me just tell you, it's not exactly easy. I'm feeling so out of the loop right now it's awful. But I'm hoping that over the weekend I will be able to catch up a little with my book work. She only wants us to work about 4 hours at a time, but I think on Sunday or even tomorrow I will stay just a little bit longer so I can get more done. She wants all of us done by next week. There are 18 chapters and I'm on 4. Ugh. I'm hoping that moving my focus will be what is right. I would be making more money and I could possibly get on days so I could work while Ray watches the kids. I just hope I don't fail. That right now is my biggest fear.

The kiddos. Yesterday Colby had his first day at summer school! OMG! I wanted to cry that morning. I was really excited for him but I was also extremely nervous. He had never been around that many kids in that kind of a setting before. But from what they told Ray, he did amazing and had a great day! I'm so happy! He goes back tomorrow, and I'm hoping that he has just as good of a day then as he did yesterday. I think this will help improve his speech a lot. He needed this for sooo long.

William is growing up soo darn fast! I can't believe he is already 6 months old. He has been trying to crawl now for about...oh....maybe 3 weeks? He has now figured out that he can get himself to move forward if he gets his legs under him right. Soooo funny! He also got his first tooth a few weeks ago and I'm hoping it's the only one for a while. He's been sleeping a lot more lately so I know he's growing. He's already about 18 lbs. (Colby wasn't 17-18lbs until he was 9 months old) I always get nervous that my baby will grow up too fast. I can't believe Colby is 3. I'll be turning 27 on the 29th this month....woooo lol.

Not too much else has really been going on. I guess I'm just really scared that when I go to take my test for being an NA I won't pass. But I get nervous all the time. I usually do just fine, but I can't help but freak out. I keep thinking I will be the only one who doesn't pass this stuff. Makes me feel stupid. But if the one girl that we had working there could do it, I'm pretty damn sure that I could. (she was absolutely worthless! Never seen a worker be so dumb)

Alright, well I guess that is it for now. I will keep everyone updated as soon as I can!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Heaven is for real...really??

Alright. So, I gave in. I really didn't what to, but I did, and now I really wish that I hadn't. While I was cleaning the last room of the day at work, one of my fellow coworkers comes in and throws down the book Heaven Is For Real. I ask her what she was doing with it and she said that she found it in the den and took it home to try and read it, apparently she only got through the acknowledgments & prologue before calling it quits. She said she just couldn't read it anymore.

Once everyone had left the room, I honestly picked up the book and had a staring match with it. I kept telling myself, "DON'T DO IT NYLA! DON'T READ IT!" But for some odd reason, I decided that I can't really judge a book until I've read it for myself. So I stashed the book in my work cart and went about my work.

On my way out of work, I honestly didn't want anyone to see me carrying this book. Being seen with it seemed so sketchy and far beyond what I believe. So I took the darn then home and placed it on my book shelf. It really took me about 4 days before I decided that I should attempt to try and read it.

Sadly, I didn't get much farther then my fellow co-worker. I read as far as her and to page 8 when I said, I just can't do it. Honestly, this book was boring me to tears and I was on page 8....PAGE 8!! I really didn't see what any of this crap had to do with this little boy almost dying and seeing Jesus. And like many of the reviews that I have read, I don't understand why this sort of thing only happens to a "pastors child"...and I find it funny that it took them so many years to get all of this stuff out of the child. Do they not think that he could have made something up in the mean time? Or even elaborated a little??

Another thing I guess I don't understand is why so many people say that this little book gave them "hope"....hold up. Doesn't the Bible give you hope? Doesn't the story of Jesus dying on the cross & coming back give you hope? I will never understand why when something happens to a child, everyone always wants to believe them. I once had someone tell me "kids don't lie", but as I've gotten older, that is far beyond true. Kids lie all the time. Whether to get attention or just to simply sound "cool". I'm not going to sit here and say that this child didn't have something happen to him, but seeing as this book took so long for the father (the pastor) to write, I just don't see how some of this stuff isn't....hmmm what's the right word here....made to sound better then what it really was.

I don't mean to offend anyone who read the book and enjoyed it, but I just couldn't do it. I was bored to tears I tell you, TO TEARS! I was rather surprised that no one on facebook happened to comment on my review of the book. Either they just didn't care enough to do so, or they didn't know what to say to me since I didn't care for the book at all.

My review would be to give book 0 out of 5 stars. It really is that bad.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Crazy Mothers Day

First of all, I want to give a shout out to all the mothers out there and wish them a very happy Mothers Day! Hope it was a special one.

Now, as for my day, it has been rather up and down for me today. This morning I happened to read a blog entry written by Bristol Palin. I have to say that I was completely outraged just reading it. She pretty much is saying that the president is wrong to believe in gay marriage. And she continues on with saying that it is "well known" that children of female/male homes grow up "better"....ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME?! I just want to slap the living hell out of her ignorant self and tell her that she will die and go to hell for thinking such things.

This is a picture of what she you can see I highlighted the part that pissed me off the most. There were many comments on her facebook page praising her for standing up to this "abomination" of marriage. And these people are ones who sit there and say all this crap about God and the Bible and what the fuck ever.....honestly, I think they are the most ignorant people I've seen on facebook in a looooong time. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE should have the right to marry whoever they choose and have the same rights as everyone else. I really want to punch this girl in the mouth for even talking out like this and just smack all the people who agree with her.

Marriage has been a "man and woman" for 1,000s of years and why change it? Umm because we're not as ignorant as we used to me. God made gay people just like he made black people or people that are different. He made them to teach tolerance and acceptance. People fear the unknown, reason why they turn to the Bible and say "well, the Lord says this is wrong" blah blah blah. God doesn't run our country, WE as humans do and we should look at every person just as that, a HUMAN!!

I really don't understand why people have a problem with gay marriage? I mean, seriously, how does it affect you? So your kids have friends with 2 fathers or 2 mothers. So what?? They aren't any different then you and your partner. They are loving parents trying to be just that, parents. Living in love and just trying to make life work...just like the rest of us.

Alright, that's enough of that.

My next big thing today was that before I went to lunch with my family and all my man's family, I gave my mother a call to wish her happy mothers day. Well, she told me that my brother and nephew were out at the house visiting, which was great, until she told me the news. My brother and sister-in-law are getting a divorce. I want to say that I'm shocked, but to be honest, it's not really all that surprising. To respect my brother, I won't go into details as to WHY they are divorcing, but I feel terrible for him.

Even earlier today he changed his relationship status on facebook from Married to Single. Really sad.

Anyway, that was my mothers day. The best part about today was that I got an hour and a half nap. Something that NEVER happens! So I was thankful for that.

Oh, and I posted the article from Bristol on my facebook page if anyone is interested in reading the whole ignorant thing.


Monday, May 7, 2012


My parents are out of town and on their way back, they had car troubles and are now stuck in Ohio. This really sucks. My mother has basically made herself sick over the whole ordeal.

Anyway, that is all for now.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bachelorette Party

OOOOHHHH MAN. Last night was pretty crazy. But we had such a fun time! Here are a few pics from the party at the hotel room. I really didn't get much for when we were going out, but I did get some video that I need to post to youtube...really good.

Table decor at wedding shower

Miss Stephanie

Her decor at her party in hotel room

Stacy and Steph

Goodie Bags

Parfait of Panties hehe

Awesome Piano Bar
This was a pretty fun night I must say. That piano bar was really fun. I've never been to one before, so it was rather fun to see how it all works. They did play a few of the songs that I requested. I will say, they did a lot of lady gaga request and they even did a rap

Here is a video of Steph getting sang to at the piano bar. I think she just had the best of time! I can't wait to go back!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flashback Friday

I'm always so darn busy and I forget to do these! haha but here is my picture!

In honor of my best friend Steph getting married, here is a flashback to Halloween about......oh...5 years ago?? We were sexy cops :) hehe Just so people know, I believe this was pre-Ray...because I was pregnant my first Halloween with Ray.

Today & tonight is all about my friend Steph! At 10 we have her Bridal shower then tonight we have her bachelorette party. It will be pretty crazy I think, since I haven't been down town Lincoln in a LOOOONNNGGGG time. After this very stressful week, I think it is very called for!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why Talk??

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother talking or posting an opinion on my facebook. Yea, I know. It's facebook, everyone reads it and sees it, and they are entitled to state their opinions, but sometimes I wonder why I just can't write something when I'm mad and not get a lecture for feeling the way I feel.

Today was just one of those days. I had made a comment about mad cow disease being "back" and that I was going to be eating more chicken and pork. My cousin, who is married to a cow farmer, started to lecture me about how "little comments" like mine scare people out of eating beef when it was just a secluded case...blah blah blah. Now, I was just joking around. I have been cutting back on my red meat intake anyway, but she completely started lecturing me about how I'm "scaring" people into not eating beef......well, I'm pretty sure no one really listens to me. Hell, I've been the black sheep of my family for YEARS....on both sides! No one listens to me at all. And if they do they usually make fun of me. This is FAMILY that I'm talking about. I guess I never turned out how everyone thought that I would so I've been cast out.

Anyone else been considered the black sheep? Sometimes I wonder why I care so much about my family. I love them to death and always want to be around for the big things....but of course, that doesn't really matter.

Anyway, not too much else right now. I have been getting super excited because the NFL Draft is TOMORROW!!!! YEY!! I'm trying to get more involved with my football team and see where the Nebraska players will be going and who Green Bay will be getting.

I'm really hoping that LaVonte David comes to Green Bay :) He is the 3rd ranked at his position so whoever gets him will be very lucky.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Just Another Monday

I think for sure we all know that it is Monday. Boo.

The only good thing about THIS Monday is that it is PAY DAY!! WOOP WOOP!

I will say that yesterday I was a little disappointed in Ray. He didn't even bother to call to wish Colby a happy birthday. Not even a little text! Yes, I know he was working, but there is a slow part of the day that he could of at least shot us a text or something?

Oh well. He did call today, which caught me by surprise. I didn't think he'd even think about calling today.

Tomorrow I will be getting my hair cut & colored. I'm thinking I will just get a trim, since I am trying to grow my hair out. Then I will most likely just get high lights :) which I love. I have tossed around the idea of completely bleaching out my hair.....but I'm pretty sure it would scare people lol. I don't think my hair looks that bad when it's blond, but just haven't been BLEACH blond. I'm wanting my hair to be blond for my friends wedding.

SPEAKING of wedding....she has her bachelorette party this weekend and I still have NO gift. SHIT. Well...that's a lie. I do have A gift, but it's just something small. I need a main gift to give her. Grr..

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Flashback Friday

In honor of Colby turning 3, here is the picture of me in the hospital with him.

Ugh...I look terrible!! But I felt like complete shit! haha. This was taken April 21st, 2009. It's crazy how fast time flys!

This is our first family picture. April 22nd, 2009. It's crazy how much thinner Ray was in 2009. I just remember how happy I was to finally have my baby boy in my arms. And now, the little booger will be 3...makes me want to cry!

In Labor.....3 years ago

My oh my, where has the time gone?? I can not believe that my oldest will be 3 years old tomorrow. I believe at this time, 3 years ago, I was just getting my epidural. Crazy to think back and remember how crazy of a day that it was. I will for sure, post a picture of Colby tomorrow so everyone can see my 3 year old baby :)

We're not doing much for his birthday this year. I will be baking him a cake tonight and then decorating it in the morning. I decided not to go with a Spongebob theme like I have for the past 2 years...I think I'm kind of over it now. I plan to put a toy Mater and Lighting McQueen on his cake. He LOVES the Cars movies, so I thought that would look really cute on there.

I don't know if I had ever said on my blog about Colby getting hearing aids, but we had went to get the molds made and everything. Then about a week later, come to find that the drs decided against him getting the aids because at his last testing he had improved. To be honest, I was rather relieved. That is one less thing that I have to fight with him about. I already knew that he would never keep them in...even tho the people helping us with him think otherwise. (They said the same thing about his glasses too and guess what, he wouldn't keep them on!) When Betty Jo found out about him not getting the aids, I think she was a little upset about it. The drs want to run other tests on him to see what other options he has available to him. A few other people were telling us that they think he needs to get the aids, but I think there is just something else wrong. He can hear, he just needs something else....I'm hoping not meds, but there is something else. He does have a slight delay with his development, but there has to be something else wrong, and it can't just be his hearing.

At this point in time, I really don't want to push for the aids....even tho I was sort of being told that I should. I am just waiting until we talk to the drs again and see what they have in mind for him and what they suggest. The others that we work with are through the school and the are only there at the house for maybe an hour, so they always see him when he's super fussy. I just want other tests ran before I throw a hearing aid on my child. I guess I just have to start speaking up and I know it won't be agreed upon by everyone...I already know that.

Ok, I guess I'm done for now...I have a cake to bake! haha!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

I am doing some research for my new blog and have started reading Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. I heard about this series of books when I was cleaning a room at work that had CBS Morning News on and they just happened to be talking about these books. I was rather enthralled with the idea of the books. I quickly grabbed my Kindle and downloaded all three books.

I just started reading the first book in the series and let me just say, I really didn't want to put it down to write this post. It's just THAT good! Definitely makes me get a and bothered....if you know what I mean. ;)

Honestly, I've never been into any of these sexual-romance kind of books. But this books is so much different. The characters are in their 20s. College graduates and a young millionaire who get involved with each other by chance. I've read a few reviews on Goodreads and many of them say the book is terribly written and the story line is just Twilight with chains and wipes. Now, I've never read Twilight, nor do I ever plan to. Twilight is just....eww. I'm not into that sci-fi fiction crap. This book has characters that are much more real.

Anyway, I'm only on chapter 11, but by chapter 8 you will not put this book down. It gets VERY sexual by chapter 8 and really REALLY involved. I must say that this is very interesting stuff for my book and makes for a great escape from my very hectic life here at home.

Tomorrow I will be at work and since the chapters of this book are long, 30 minutes on breaks will not be long enough for me to read all that I want. So I will have to try and read after work tomorrow, if that is even humanly possible. Gotta pray that both kids go down for a nap so mommy can have some "alone" time.

I know that many people are not readers, but really this is a great book to get lost in. I've been doing pretty well with my reading list. Yet, I did leave the book Lolita still unfinished. Mostly for the pure fact that the writing seems much too over my head. And the story line got really boring.

But for the most part, I have read quite a few books so far..atleast I like to think so. I'm rather proud of myself. Usually I give up on books after about 2 months of reading. But luckily I have been able to find something to keep my mind occupied. <-- after reading the hungers games series, I really didn't want to read anymore books for a while. I gave it 3 weeks and then started another book. This time, a paperback. It's always nice to go back to the paperback after reading on a little tablet.

Alright, well I've rambled enough now I think, so I suppose I will let everyone go and get on with their daily lives :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Wireless Baby

After how ever long, we now finally have our own wireless internet. Soooo happy about that! I can now log on to the net whenever I want and not have to worry about there being a low connection.

We were using, what we assumed to be a public connection, but we're still very unsure. It's just better that we have our own.

So as you know, it is best that you put a password on your wireless connection so then nobody other then those that you allow can use your wireless. Well...honestly, I was in complete panic mode for about...oh 30 minutes or so? I was trying everything and anything to figure out how the hell to get to the password section. But proudly, I did figure it out. You have to go online to get it all worked out and stuff. So now, our connection says Ruskamp instead of...well, whatever it said before. And we now have a little lock by the connection :) I feel so damn smart for figuring it out. (honestly, I didn't think it would be so damn complicated, but I guess I'm just a moron)

Ok, so I know I said that I was taking a vow of silence from the computer today, but I guess I'm breaking that. I decided that I did enough crying last night over my uncles death. I miss him every single day, and I do cry a lot about him still being gone, but I think today I will try and be happy. Think back to the time that we did have with him on this earth and just laugh at some of the crazy things he used to say and do.

Also, we have a lot of things to do today. We will be putting together my 5 shelf bookcase so then I can get my books in it and set up my picture frames and get some of our DVDs into it. We have Betty Jo coming today also, so we may just have to wait a while on putting it together, but damn I'm so darn happy that we have internet and I have today and tomorrow off and also Thursday.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Tomorrow I will be taking a day of silence to remember my uncle who passed away 2 years ago from cancer. I miss him everyday and I still cry when I think about him or hear a song that makes me think of him. Relay for Life is definately hard on me.

But if I don't write tomorrow it's because I am taking some time to reflect.

R.I.P. Doug
I love you and miss you

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just Bad Weather

Of course, today we have to be in a Severe Thunderstorm Watch and a Tornado Watch. Just fantastic. I'm really glad that I'm not at work because then I would be stuck there for about 5 hours after the fact.

So I will update on William! He is 4 months old!! My goodness.

Weight: 15lbs 9oz
Height: about 24ins
Eating: about 6oz every 4 hours
Sleeping: A good 6-9 hours

I've come to accept that I have very short children. Oh well. He's so darn adorable right?

Also, here is a video of William laughing :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another Blog?! AHHH!!

Yes, it's true. I have decided to make another blog. This blog is about my home life, my boys, my job..etc. This new blog is a little more out there. It's about my sex life...or lack there of actually.

It's called Motherhood Sex. I've just started the blog so there really isn't much there. Yet.  But I plan to make the blog great. I know there are many woman out there, well, mothers out there, that aren't having sex. For whatever reasons that may be, I plan to find them. I plan to look into them. I plan on researching these things. I think I may just choose to interview a few of my friends and co-workers to get some of the lowdown on motherhood sex.

Please!! Follow my new blog! I'm unsure how often I will write or how often I will keep it up, but I really hope that this new blog will be a great experience for me and many who decide to read it.

I love writing so I'm really hoping to expand my journalism skills.

That's all for now! Chao!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Computer is Back!

Thank goodness! I was really starting to miss my computer. le sign.

The Hunger Games Premier
I'm a little sad that tonight is the midnight showing and I can't go because I work in the morning. le suck! I'm realy hoping to make it up to see the movie sometime in the coming week. May have to call a friend and have them go with me because I know for a fact us getting a sitter would be almost impossible. Wish it wasn't tho.

I don't get all hyped about movies...I mean, I'll read the book and watch the movie but I don't go out buying more stuff that supports the book. Well, I've already bought my pillowcase that I talked about before. Then last night, I decided to order some Team Peeta gear. (I know, I'm resorting back to 7th grade). I feel like a massive groupie to be honest. Oh well.

Ordering Stuff....yea
I think I have been a little crazy with my ordering things lately. I do really need to not order anymore...but it is REALLY hard. With this Mastercard from H&R Block, it makes ordering things sooo much easier.

I do still need shoes & a dress for my friends wedding, so I guess I need to wait & order something like that.

Alright, not much else to say right now....maybe I'll blog a little later. This tonight will be a Sex and the City tv night.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Getting My Computer Back

I've been VERY bad about blogging lately. UGH...I know I know. But without a computer to type on, typing on my iPhone gets really annoying.

BUT tomorrow my brother should be bringing back my computer from Dustin, and I can not be more excited! I really really REALLY hope it stays working for a while now.

The Hunger Games
I know that I've been obsessing about this darn book & movie for the past few weeks, but I can't wait until next weekend. And really, for those who have no read the book, READ IT! It is a fast and easy read and it's an awesome book. It's nothing like Twilight or Harry Potter, but it's def much better. This is actually something that COULD possibly happen in the future.

I am a little embarressed tho. I mean, I have become completely obessed with this book & the movie (that's out next week) and I feel like a little high school girl...or even a little 7th grader. Sad, I know. I guess I'm just really excited that this movie is coming out. I seriously NEVER obsessed over a movie before. Well, not going as far as to buy something FROM that movie. Like a pillow case...cough cough...

Flashback Friday
Ok, enough of is a few pictures for FF.

This picture was taken senior year of high school. I look crappy in it but that's alright. As you can see, I am making fun of Jessica Simpson in this picture. This was back when she was married to Nick Lachey and they had their own tv show called The Newly Weds.

I really can't remember where I found this shirt at...I'm surprised it even fit to be honest...but I though it was funny. So I decided to go with it and hold up a can of Chicken of the Sea tuna.

I still can't believe how skinny I was back in the day. I was 18 in this picture, so about 8 years ago.

And for whatever reason, I was completely obessed with making pictures be in black and white. I really don't do too many b&w pictures anymore, but I do like them.

And for the heck of it, here is a picture of me on my 22nd birthday. I didn't really do a lot for my 21st birthday, so I lived it up when I turned 22. This is taken outside of my parents house. I'm carrying my shoes lol. Those suckers KILLED my feet. They were not yet broken in....BIG mistake. Now I like to wear more comfortable shoes when I go out...well...comfortable heals anyway.

It's also kind of funny to look at my hair in these pics. I used to get my hair done ALL THE TIME. I mean, like every 3-4 months.....I think I've said this before??....anyway, I'm lucky if I get my hair cut once or twice a year! haha.

Ok, well, there is my flashback :) hehe I actually found a few more, but I'll save them for next time.....welll....maybe just one more...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just a lil crush...

...on Josh Hutcherson. It's terrible because he's 19!!!! I'm 26...27 in June. Oh well. He's still cute & seems like a good kid. I even gave in & bought a Peeta pillow case. But I'm getting obsessed with The Hunger Games, and I really think everyone should read it!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Hunger Games

I just finished reading the 3rd book last night. I'm so in love with the story and I can not wait until march 23rd!! I would love to be at the late night showing but I'm gonna be working that weekend so may have to go to it on a Monday night.

For those who haven't read these books, do! They are fast reads and I bought mine for only 6 something at Walmart. Def worth the money & time.

I weighted baby boy today...13lbs!! Wow

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I'll never understand some people. If you're my family or a true friend, then you are one who accepts me for who am I no matter how crazy. And if you don't agree with something I've done, you bring it to my face, not go gossiping about me to my mother on her lunch break in front of your fellow co-workers. What does that say about you? It says a lot. True family stands behind you, they don't tear you down. I may not agree with a lot of my family members and what they say or do, but I still love & support them. But if you're going to trash me to my family and in front of co-workers, then fuck you. I'm done with you.

And that, is that.

Want My Computer Back

I have to admit, I really miss typing out my blogs on a computer. Takes forever on this damn iPhone and I can't edit them the way I want...grrrr.

As I wait for its return, I in the meantime have been reading. I've stopped reading my Nicholas Sparks book and moved on to the hunger games. I'm at ch 5 and so far it's not too bad. It's a rather simple read, as it was written for the younger generation. I've caught myself not wanting to put the darn thing down. But I think I just want to finish the book in record time...for me anyways.

I've also noticed that I've become a total coffee snob in the past few weeks. Me and Starbucks have become pretty close. I've also noticed that I prefer to drink my coffee from a solo brand cardboard cup with lid then a normal coffee mug. I went so far as to buy the Dixie brand at Menards. Just makes me feel like I should be in a coffee shop or something...ha ha I'm such a nerd.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Flashback Friday

I know it's flashback Friday but since I am on my phone...there won't be one today.

So last weekend I took my computer to my brothers friend, Dustin. He's like a brother to me & he's great with computers. He actually wrote me this morning and told me he figured out what was wrong with my laptop!! Thank Buddha! He said he can fix it all for $60. I was pretty satisfied with that. As much as I would love to buy a whole new computer all together, I can't. Mostly because I want a MacBook and they cost a BUTT-TON!!!

Oh well, I will soon have my computer back and working, which is all I ask for.

Last night I decided to weigh William and my word! Baby boy is over 12lbs! He's still on the short side but fits pretty well into 3-6 month clothes. He's much bigger then what Colby ever was. Colby has always. Been on the smile side, but that's ok! He'll grow!

We won't be taking William back to the dr until he's 4 months old...does that seem weird? I swear we went every month with Colby but maybe I'm just having brain farts...?

Anyway, not too much else going on....oh yes! I'm thinking about starting another blog. It would be really random but I'm really want something to just bitch about something lol. We'll see.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I may not be catholic, but I'm gonna try giving something up this year. I think I'm going to give up red meat. It seems easy enough, but this lil lady loves her steak!

Last night we had pork chops and I think Ray was pretty happy with it. We don't have chops too often so it's a good change from the hamburger we have all the time. The bad thing is that we'd have to go 25 miles to get ground turkey or pork. That's dumb, but there are turkey burgers down here. Maybe I'll make a run to Walmart today & get some groceries.

**this was posted via iPhone

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just Want Some Sleep

For whatever reason, Will decided that he didn't want to go to sleep last night...grrrr. I wasn't too thrilled going to be at 9:30 and waking up by 12. Not cool lil man! Oh well, I think it's just from being in a different house with different people and my parents house is rather those all could be factors.

As tired as I am, I decided it's not worth going back to bed. I'm too awake now.

iPhone4s baby!
Yesterday my mother and I went to Lincoln so I could get my new phone...FINALLY! To start off, we didn't realize that the old store had moved their location. Luckily they only moved across the street into a bigger building so we caught it before we had to go to another location.

So we go into the Verizon store and there was quite a line. So we checked in and decided to just browse the phones for a little bit. I wanted to make sure that the iPhone was what I wanted. They did have some other phones by Samsung and HTC that had really nice big screens, but over all, I just didn't like them. So after about 10-15 minutes, the sales guy came and got us and right away I said, I want the iPhone4s. And within about 10 minutes I got the phone, the case that I wanted and a few other accessories like a charger, screen protecter and ear phones. --I actually got the bundle so I got those 3 extra things for only $30--

The sales guy was really nice. He wasn't a complete d-bag like some of the people I've had to deal with before. I think a lot of that was because I actually knew what I wanted. I didn't sit there and have him explain the difference between 8 million different phones. Basically he was saying the iPhone is the easiest phone to have. It's really basic and doesn't involve a lot of outside crap to go through. Which I'm glad because I'm TERRIBLE with phones.

I really LOVE the case that I picked out...even tho it is purple lol. It's from the Uncommon brand (I guess?) Here's a pic of it..

For whatever reason, this case stood out to me. They had a few other really cute ones, but this one seems pretty cool.

The reason for the case is the fact that these phones, if dropped, are basically done for. The sales guy was telling us that he's never seen a phone shatter like that. I guess I just have to be extra careful with this phone because I know I always seem to drop my phone atleast once in a lifetime of having it.

Also, gotta be careful that the boys don't get to it. Since Colby really doesn't understand when we tell him that something could break and he needs to be more careful. We're still working on that one.

This is the case that my mother wanted me to get. As "neat" as it is, it really hurts my eyes after a while. I wante something that I knew I could tolerate for a long period of time and this one, was NOT it.

They also had a few that were pink that I thought looked kind of cool, but to be honest, I'm not a "pink" kind of girl. I say that and I do own so many damn clothes that are pink, but it's just...idk. Pink is waaayyy too girly for me, and I'm not a girly girl. I'm a football lovin' momma. Purple seems to be atleast girly but not so girly that it screams "I'M A 6 YEAR OLD!!" I'm also pretty sure that Ray wouldn't be as embarrassed to use the phone with the cover I did get. But he may not even try to attempt to use my phone...never know. He just got a new flip phone which I suppose he is happy with.

The only real downside that I have about this phone (so far) is that it is a bit on the heavy side. But I've had pretty heavy phones before. The screen is on the "smaller" side compared to some of the touchscreen smart phones that are out there, but I don't care. I'm pretty happy with this phone. I haven't figured out how to download music to it yet, but I think I may just wait. Since I've bought the phone, I've download 20 apps already lol. Pretty much all of them are something that I check on the computer or that I use everyday. I've only downloaded 2 games...I'm not really big on games.

Anyway, that's my day yesterday.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

Just A Short Update

It's been about a week or so since I last posted anything on here. My computer has been acting up so I am at my parents house with it waiting to take it in to my brothers best friend tomorrow to have him fix it...I hope.

Anyway, there really hasn't been a whole lot going on with me lately. Like I said, I'm at my parents house for the weekend. I will be getting a new phone tomorrow...yey!!! :) I think I'm just going to get the iPhone4s. My mother keeps hounding me on which phone I'm going to be getting and the answer is always the same...and she says "the iPhone or the smartphone?"...oh mother. Somethings I worry about you.

Flashback Friday
Since it is Flashback Friday and I'm able to get some pictures up on the computer, thought I would share them :)

This lovely picture was from......oh geez......maybe the 2nd or 3rd grade??..Maybe?? I really don't remember. This was me and a group of girls up at the high school doing the dance team workshop. Each group would learn a dance and perform it for their parents. We also had one big performance done by everyone. Man...I think I did this every year until I was too old to do it.

As you can see, I was just a scrony little thing, with very white chicken legs. lol I refused to have bangs for a good portion of my life, so of course that makes my forehead look gigantic! What's funny is I think all the girls in my group are who I graduated with from high school. haha!

For whatever reason, I just LOVE this picture. haha. Yes, that is a keg. Yes it is hanging from a brick wall, and yes, it is outside. haha. It's actually a mailbox :) I was with a big group of my family members when we stumbled across this little baby...I also had a few drinks, but that's besides the point. I get a little sad when I see this picture because I am wearing my FAVORITE jeans. --that I will NEVER fit back into-- This was taken in March of 2007. Crazy to look at these and see how skinny I was. And all the stuff that I used to do to my hair! haha.

On a side note, before I met Ray, I honestly used to tan almost every day, get my nails done every 2 weeks and would get my hair colored every 3-4 months. haha I'm lucky if I can get my hair cut & colored once or twice a year! hahaha.

Here is another picture from of basically the same thing, but with my bestie cousin, Laura.

We were trying to drink from it...or atleast waiting to see if beer would flow from it.

Alright, that's enough flashback friday for one night :) haha.

Babies Babies Babies!
Alright, so Thursday (Feb. 16) morning, Ray's sister-in-law had her baby. Kasten Edward 8lbs 2.1oz 20 in long. He's super adorable. --but to be honest, I'm really unsure about their name choice....Kasten??....I've looked all over...haven't found the meaning of it yet.--

And then, tonight my grandma called my mother and told her that my cousin Jessie had her baby at 3:10 this morning!! YEY!! Sofia Luella 6lbs 11oz. I saw her picture on facebook and she is just adorable!! (not sure if she has red hair like Jessie's husband, but we will find out soon enough!)

Alright, I think that is about it for me tonight. I think tomorrow I may try to figure out a way to change my background on my blog...unsure. I may just leave it because I'm too lazy to work on it.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

William's 2 Months Old!

Can't believe how fast time is going! William is already 2 months old! It's just crazy. So, like I've been promising, here are a few cute pictures of my little man.

Goofy Grin

such a little chunk!

 Ain't he just the cutest?? hehe. I'm really surprised that he has kept all his hair. Colby lost a lot of his baby hair, but you would have never guessed it. It was just around the hairline. But he's got such a thick mop now, you would never guess the kid had much thinner hair.

Flashback Friday
Alright, so I decided to join in on Flashback Friday. I don't really have too many old pictures from when I was really young, but this one is from New Years 2007...going to be 2008.

It's crazy to look at this picture and see how small my boobs were. Also, I was rather pasty...eww. But I think I look alright. This was at one of the local bars in Seward. That's my friend, Amy. Ray actually took this picture of us.

LOL...awww yes, the wonderful trips out to walmart. For whatever reason, my best friend, Jenn and I would go on random trips out to walmart and really, just for the hell of it, we would ride the smallest bike we could find. I have rather loong legs, so be shocked that I actually was riding this bad boy all over the toy section lol. --still can't believe how thin that I was. I'm wearing my favorite Silver jeans size 28...le sigh--

Saturday Night Live
Tonight, is the night!! My former classmate Amy & her fiancee Nick, will be on SNL! (not the Amy from the picture above) O.M.G. Seriously, I am freaking out like a little kid. For a new artist, SNL is a BIIIIIGGGG deal. And I can't wait to see them on!

I will say tho, it's still a little odd for me to see her with such dark hair. Before she went to college, she was always a blonde. So to see her with the color change was a real shocker, but she pulls it off really well.

Everyone should be watching tonight!! If you do, please! let me know what you think :) Be sure to follow Karmin on Twitter (@karminmusic).

Champagne Champagne
Since I've gotten my tax return, I've spent a small $300 chunk of my $4600 return. I decided to spoil myself and buy a little bit of a pricey champagne. I have to admit, the only reason that I bought this particular bottle was because it's what the girls on Sex and the City drink all the time. It's called Veuve Cliequol. It also cost me $45 dollars. So this shit better taste amazing!

Thanks to the movie Failure To Launch, Champagne Thursday have been really great! --I truely believe everyone should enjoy this day, as it can come twice in a week-- life is extremely boring so I guess I'm done. There is a lot more coming up this month with meetings and dr apointments and what not, but really, my life is faaarrr from interesting.

--News Flash--

Whitney Houston dies at 48.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Susie Singer has been a good while since I have gotten to blog. Stupid computer!

Anyway, much has been going on lately. I have finally gotten my tax return back and I couldn't be more happy. I've already bought a few things for the house and can't wait to buy more! I bought the 2 bookcases that I wanted. The 4 shelf one, we already have put together and full of our movies. The 5 shelf one won't be put together yet until I get a few other things. (I need to move some stuff around before I can have the bookcase where I want it. I then bought a new lamp for the living room and bought my big mirror that I've been wanting for YEARS now. (Family Dollar has giant mirrors for $20! Great deal if you ask me)

Susie Singer
Also with all these things, I also managed to buy a sewing machine. I'm actually pretty excited about it. I took a sewing class back when I was about...oh, 12 or 13 maybe?? Possibly 11. And I haven't really used a sewing machine since....but now that I have kids, I think it is seriously time that I get back into the swing of things and reteach myself how to sew. I'm also going to learn to knit and crochet (sp?). I need something that is considered "mine" again. I mean, I can't sit and read books forever, but I want to teach myself something!

Now, I didn't run to the store and buy a brand new sewing machine. I had planned on doing this, but when I mentioned to one of my co-worker friends that I was looking into them, she offered to sell me one of hers. They are moving and need to downsize. So for $50 dollars I got a machine, the instructions, some pins and a case...and a few little things. But all in all, it was a good buy. I can't wait to fire this thing up :)

I can't believe how much William has been growing! I weighed him on the 4th, and he was 11lbs 4oz. (This is with clothes & clean diaper on) Then today, (the 7th) I weighed him and he wa 12lbs on the dot!!! My baby boy is growing so fast! I can't believe how much weight he has gained! He will be 2 months on Friday and he goes to the dr on Monday. Can't wait to see how much he has gained in that amount of time. (Just remember, I weigh him by weighing myself then weighing him with me and subtracting to get the difference. Clothes will make all the difference with this when we go to the dr)

I know I haven't posted many pictures on my blog computer has been a pain and I can't get things to load. Hopefully on Friday I'll be able to post Will's 2 month picture!

No Show
Well, today Betty Jo was supposed to come to the house. She was supposed to be here ar 1.'s almost 3 o'clock and still no word from BJ. I am a little worried that maybe something happened since it did manage to snow last night, but I'm pretty sure someone would have called to give us the news by now. Oh well, the house looks like complete crap right now, so her not coming doesn't really bother me too much.

Giants All The Way!
I was right. Did anyone listen to me?? Nooooooo, of course they didn't. I told them, the Giants are going to win the SuperBowl. Did anyone believe me? No. Everyone doubted me and "booed" me on my facebook for cheering on the Giants. But guess what?? THE GIANTS WON BABY!!! YEA!!! I really just want to write on their walls and say "EAT IT!" haha. But I won't. All my friends are sore losers and can't lose with grace. **eye roll**

Anything else??....Hmmmm....I still have not bought myself a new phone...I'm getting pretty pissed off about it actually. As I'm writing this, my phone is out in my car charging because Colby decided to EAT through my wall charger. And as you know, you can't find chargers for OLD phones anymore. Did I mention there is snow on the ground?? Colby did finally get to use his snow boots today! He went outside to help Ray scoop the walk. I think he enjoyed himself!

Pretty sure there is not much else to say. Colby of course has been acting always. He really does drive me up a wall. I love him, I really do. I just don't understand why he does some of the things that he does. He still chews on pretty much EVERYTHING. I mean, he destroyed a chapstick because he chewed on the lid, got it off and chewed on the stick....really child?

I will say, that I am very proud of myself. William is 8 weeks old (almost 2 months) and I am STILL breastfeeding. :) YEY! ~happy dance~ I'm rather shocked that I have made it this far to be completely honest. Breastfeeding is not the easiest thing in the world, and to have made it this long already, I'm really impressed with myself. I only made it about 5 weeks with Colby. I think if I made it to 3 months, I'm going to reward myself. With what? I'm unsure. But I will find something.

Oh yes, Ray's nephew will be here next week Thursday! YEY!! Feb. 16 will be a busy day for us!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Just Another Day

I haven't been able to blog for the past few days just due to the fact that I have been so darn busy. Also, wasn't able to get my internet to connect for me.

Tonight was just one of those nights. I've been trying to get the dishes done because they are just awful. So while I'm doing them, I keep checking on my boys. Well, when I don't check on Colby for a good 10 minutes, he manages to shit his pants take them off and get poop all over the bed, the floor and himself. I caught him trying to throw the diaper away and just completely freaked out. I threw him in the tub and just washed him down. Luckily it came off pretty easily. Then I had to get the turds off the floor and off the Just another fantastic day in mommyhood.

Breaking Down
I have to admit, I didn't think I would be able to breastfeed for these past 7 weeks. I only made it about 5 weeks with Colby so making it to 7 with Will has really boosted my attitude. But, these past few days, I've been really stressed out. I feel like my milk isn't coming in like it was, and I'm unable to pump all the time, so when I try to feed Will, he drains my boob and then is still hungry. This happened with Colby and he just made me soo frustrated I had to quit. I think I'm going to try and find some fenugreek and see if that will help at all. I'm unsure where I need to go to get it, or if I just need to order it from online, but I definately need to get some.

Last night I finally hit my breaking point. When both kids started crying and neither could be calmed down, I was just done. I called my mother to see if she would come this weekend to help me because I just can't do it all by myself. I can do some, but not as much as I would like. I'm still waiting to hear back from her on if she is coming tomorrow or not.

I'm still waiting on my tax money to get here. I'm really getting annoyed with it not being here, but what can I do? I'm going to run into town I think and get a few little Valentine stuff for the boys. I'm not into the whole day itself so I figured I'll just spoil the boys.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

6 week accomplishments

Today, I am a very proud mama! William is starting to hold his head up sooo good now! He also, when placed on his stomach, is rolling from stomach to back. I couldn't put him on his stomach without him rolling over. Soo proud of my baby chunky monkey!

Not too much else has really gone on tho. He does like to stare at himself in the mirror. And he is soo close to giving me a big old smile! It's great. But I know Colby didn't give me a real social smile until I believe he was.....almost 3 months I think?? I can't remember. I'd have to look it up in his baby book...

---checking baby book---

It says 7 weeks, but I know he was maybe 2-3 months old when I got that first real smile. Where I was changing him, we locked eyes and he gave me a BIG smile. I just remember wanting to cry because my little man saw my face and smiled at me. It was sooo heart warming.

Football Sunday
Well, even tho my Packers are out of the playoffs, I'm still going to be watching to see who makes it to the super bowl. Ray & I will be cheering on the Ravens and the 49ers. I know the kicker from the Ravens so it would be cool to see him in the super bowl.

The top picks right now are the Giants and Patriots. My brother is cheerin' for the Pats...stupid. If the case ends up being these 2 teams, I will be cheering for the Giants, all the way! But lets see what happens.

Water For Elephants
So, I left the movies The Help & Water For Elephants at my moms house. She wanted to watch both movies since she was told BOTH are just fantastic and of course, she has NOT read either of the books. --I will say right now, both books are excellent reads!-- She finally watched both movies and said that both are pretty great.

I will say tho, before I watched the movie, I had sooo many people tell me that it was a "good movie", but the animal abuse in it just makes them hate it. Ummm, hello? The movie is based on a 1930s traveling circus. They didn't have the kind of animal protection laws like they do now. So my reaction to that is, if the movie made you uncomfortable, then the actors did they're job. It is a little different from reading about the abuse and then actually seeing it on the big screen. But it was done soo well.

Fried Chicken
Alright, so....I have been truely determined to make some really good fried chicken. (watching The Help doesn't help that craving either) I'm going to buy the skillet that I want to use and take it from there. I've tried doing it before, but I didn't get it cooked all the way through....grrr. I'll get it down and make some of the BEST fried chicken. I'm starving!

If anyone has any recipes for some really good fried chicken that they would like to share, please leave me a message and a link to the recipe!

Valentine's Day
January is almost over and of course we now have our next big "holiday" which is....Valentine's Day. Even tho, I am a pretty big romantic, I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day....why you may ask? To me it just seems like a pointless holiday that gives loved ones a certain day to tell their spouse that they love them....but I always ask, why does it have to be on a certain day?? Why can't they show their love on a random day of the year???

Ugh...I'm the scrooge of Valentine's...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's Not A Van

Last night, I was going through Colby's baby book. I was curious to see how much he weighed when he was 6 weeks old...lik William is now. So as I was browsing through it, I noticed that Colby was 10lbs 1oz when he was 8 weeks old. I weighed Will last night and he weighed 10lbs 4oz. WOW!! Big baby!! :) Actually, that's not THAT big, but he's definately gaining weight a little faster then what Colby did. At least thus far. I'll just have to wait and see how much Will weighs in 2 weeks.

It's Not A Van
So yesterday, Ray and I went out to his mothers for lunch. She said there was a gift out there for us from her brother so we needed to go out anyway. Being out there was fine, Ray showed his mom his new trailblazer and what not. Well, when Ray and I were in the car getting ready to leave, I asked him,

"So what did your mom think of the blazer?"

"She thought it was a van"


"She what?!" **I start to laugh**

"She thought it was a van. When she tried to open the back doors, she was trying to slide them"

**my laughter continues**

Ok, Ray's mother definately is not the brightest bulb in the bunch, but really? You thought our Chevy Trailblazer was a VAN?! ......all I can think is, how do you mistake this thing for a van?! The back passenger doors look identical to the front ones. It doesn't have a third back seat....the woman has completely lost it I think. This really takes the cake.

Wishful Thinking
I've been wanting to get a new computer for a while now. I've had this Gateway laptop for a good while now...about 6-7 years to be exact. I know it's VERY outdated. So now I'm wanting a new one. BUT I'm highly considering getting a MacBook. Now for those who are up to date on the prices of these things, MacBooks are REALLY expensive. And when I say expensive, I mean starting price is $999.99. They are for sure worth the price, but I really don't want to spend that much money on something right now. SOOOO I'm considering just going to the store and picking up an hp computer.'d have everything that I want, but it's not a Mac.

I'm also considering a new camera. I've been wanting a Nikon forever now! I think I'll wait until April to make that purchase, but for now I think I will continue to browse. I'd like to get some of my artistic photos up on the walls. We don't have many pictures of the kids up, so that's something I want to change.

Books Books Books
Since knowing that I will be getting a nice chunk of money, I've been looking on ebay and wanting to get a few of the books that I know I haven't been able to buy for a while.

OH speaking of books, I am determined to start reading more this year like I was last year. So I will be making a page of all the books that I am reading. When I start them and when I finish them. I don't read that fast, but it's better then what I used to. So I will be working on this today!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Moby Wrap Review

I said the other day that I would do a review on the Moby Wrap and yesterday I completely forgot, so here we go.

1. Comfortable- This product is made of 100% cotton, and I must say that it is VERY comfortable to wear. It's a little bit heavy, but not so heavy that it bothers you while wearing it.

2. Easy to wear - The first time that I put this thing on, I was a little confused as to how to wear it, but I watched a youtube video on the ways to wear it and honestly, it's fairly simple. It seems to be complicated, but once you try wrapping it once or twice, you basically have it down to a tee.

3. Baby loves it - I was a little skeptical when I first heard about the moby. So many people were saying how they love it and that baby seems to love being in the moby. After putting baby in it, he fell asleep and was out for a good hour! I couldn't believe how much he seemed to like it.

4. Can get things done - Normally, I'm not a fan of having baby in my arms, but since this keeps him on my chest and keeps my hands free to do other things, it's rather helpful. Esp when he is crying and I'm in the other room cooking.

1. A little scary - I will say, I was wearing William while I was cooking, and it really started to scare me when I would open a cabinet as I thought it would smack him in the head. Also, if you don't have it tight enough, and you lean over, you're scared baby may fall out.

2. Takes time - Even tho it's pretty simple to put on, it still takes a while to get the damn thing wrapped around you're body and to make sure that it is tight enough so baby is secure in it.

3. A little bit of a pain - So I must say, that I think wearing baby in the store when we have 2 kids to take with us, is a much easier soluation then the car seat, but then I think about how I have to bring the moby with me everywhere, have to make sure that I have it on before I go out, and then having to get baby out of the car seat when he maybe already sleeping, may just be a bit of a problem.

Overall, I think this product is great, and I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to wear baby. I guess we'll just have to wait until I am out and about and get the chance to use it a little more.