Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Went in for my 37 week check up today. Dr gave me the results of my GBS test and said that it came back postive....ugh. This really isn't a super big deal, as I will just be put on antibiotics during labor which should stop any thing from being transmitted to baby.

Nothing too much else was talked about. Everything looked good. Baby was head down and definately has dropped. I'm glad for that, but there is still no progress. No dialation or anything....grrrr. I guess I didn't dialate at all with Colby until I was 38 weeks, then I was a finger tip, but that's about it. I think I started out being 1cm dialated when I went to L&D. Oh well, hoping for some progress next week!

As for everything else in the world, not too much else really. Guess life has been rather boring. I still need to buy some stuff for my gift exchanges, but I have no idea what to get EITHER of my draws. I'm considering just money or a visa gift card...is that tacky?? Then they can spend it on gas or food or something they REALLY want, not just crap they may not like. Oh well...we'll see.

I'm at a point now, that I'm wondering how much longer I'm going to be sitting at home wanting baby to get here. I've been watching all the Christmas stuff that they keep showing, but I'm sure this will get old. OH, I guess I haven't updated on my teams lately. My Packers are now 11-0! WOO HOO! This coming Sunday they play the New York Giants and I'm excited :) hehehe. I have a weird feeling that baby will come on a game day....either when the Packers play or when my Husker go to their bowl game. Who knows!

Alright, eyes are hurting, I need to pee and I want to lay down. Peace!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Atleast This One Works

Well, last night, Colby decided that he wanted to pick the keys off of daddy's computer....yea...not too thrilled with that. Atleast we have my computer down here now and I'm able to make it work. I have deleted a few programs to try and get it to run faster..which it does, a little. BUT I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to hand it over to someone who can wipe it clean for me. Then put Windows 7 on it.

As for that, not too much else. Just a small update.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Can Finally Blog

Our internet has been acting up, so I've been unable to blog or even make a vlog. I did make one last night, but was unable to get it uploaded....grrr.

Anyway, not too much going on today. It's saturday, and I'm not too sure what I want to do. I've been considering getting my little man out of the house and doing some shopping. I have a few gifts that I need to pick up. I wasn't able to do it Thursday night when we went to Walmart because there were just too many damn people. I can't STAND stupid people. Luckily, I was able to buy my christmas tree with no problems what so ever. I did have to wander around a little to find a great deal for my little man, but I was able to find one of those pop-up tents with the tunnel coming out of it.

Besides that, we didn't go over to Target. I didn't want to wait in another line. There was only one thing I wanted from there anyway. I'm considering going up there today so I can see if they have any good deals left.

I may stop at the thrift store down here to see if there are any good deals at all but I doubt it. I don't seem to find too much down here anymore. And I want to stop at Menards anyway.

Ok....not much of an update, but yea....I'm still rather full from Thanksgiving. And I'm sooooooooooo ready to have this baby! It's crazy.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Back Home

Being back at home, I don't know what to do with myself. I watched my Packers kick some Buccs ass, winning 35-26. YEY!!

I did miss the first touchdown, but I stopped at Pamida to get my new COFFEEMAKER!! YEY! LOVE this thing. Works sooo much better then the other piece of crap that we had.

Tomorrow I will be 36 weeks pregnant....only 4 weeks left.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oh Nebraska...

I'm really sad. My Husker boys just couldn't pull this one out. They lost to Michigan 45-17. WHY Michigan? I would understand Penn State, but Michigan? Of all teams to lose to? Just a terrible game all the way around. We pull it together for about 10 minutes of the entire game then we just decided that we didn't want to play anymore and played liked shit. Just pure shit. Even Rexy didn't have any great power runs today.

I'll just be happy tomorrow when I am able to watch my Packers play. Atleast they have been rather successful this season. My father keeps saying "They have to lose something"...ummm, excuse me?? Says who? Why do they HAVE to lose something?? Just because it's "rare" for teams to go 16-0 and win a super bowl, doesn't mean they can't do it. And hell, they just might!

I guess I just am really sick of my dad's piss poor attitude when it comes to football. I mean, I can't even watch my Huskers without wanting to tell him to shut up. Yes, they are losing. Yes, they are playing like shit. I can't clearly see that, I don't need you to give me a play by play and bitch about EVERY.SINGLE.PLAY. It gets old.

I'm debating on when I want to leave here tomorrow....do I leave early enough so I can get home and watch my game?? Or do I stay here and leave late? I'm just really unsure. I'm supposed to be stopping over at Ray's sisters for this Tastefully Simple party, but anymore, I'm just rather unsure if I even want to go. But I do want to buy a few things...I don't know.

Anyway, not much else to report. The craft show today was just pathetic. Hardly ANYTHING was there. I'm wondering if there were other craft shows going on elsewhere as to why there was hardly anything there. I did manage to buy a few things. I bought a Green Bay Packers baby blanket, then I bought a fleece throw blanket for me..also Green Bay Packers. :) hehe.

I guess to add to me getting highly annoyed, my parent now have my nephew. I really have no patience tonight for him at all, so me being here is just going to drive me insane. He wouldn't be so bad if he didn't get pissed off at Colby for every little thing. Don't get me wrong, he doesn't understand that Colby doesn't understand, but still. Do you really need to whine and cry over EVERYthing? He just touched your hair, it's not going to hurt you. Also, every single time he is here, he wants to watch Space Jam....I think I offically hate this movie. I will now believe Topher Grace when he says that he hates that movie after watching it over and over and over and over.

Ok, I believe it's time for me to start figuring out what I'm going to be doing the rest of the night. I can only pray to Buddha that both kids will be passing out VERY soon....since it's only 6:41pm...I'm pretty sure within the next 4 hours. But of course, bed time can NEVER come soon enough.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Loooong Friday

Who would have guessed that it is Friday already?? This week has been so topsy turby that I barely can function. First I suppose I will update everyone on Colby. He has been doing GREAT today! I am sooo glad that my little man is acting more like himself. Yesterday I just wanted to cry out of frustration of not knowing how to help him. But today he woke up a little fussy but then has been acting like himself every since. I think having Ray around definately made the difference.

Alright, so I have been up since about 6:30 this morning. Mostly because I wanted to be awake before Colber-bean was. That way, I could be at his side no matter how he was feeling. But he woke up around 7:45 and wasn't too bad. I got some food & drink in him and from then on he was smiles and laughter. He helped me wake up daddy around 8 and then around 9:15 we loaded up the car and headed back to Alma. Colby stayed at home with grandpa because we didn't want to drag him all over the freaking state of Nebraska. Ray and I actually had a pretty good drive back. It feels so weird when it's just the 2 of us. We can do stuff much faster and don't have to argue over the kiddo. So we got back to Alma around 12:15 and then I left around 1:45. I honestly wanted nothing more then to take a nap. I actually did lay down for about 30 minutes while I was home. I really didn't want to get up but knew I had to if I wanted to get some other stuff done tonight.

So after I left Alma, I headed straight back to Seward....honestly, the drive didn't take me that long. I must have been zoned out because before I knew it I was only 45 minutes from home. Of course, once I got home I could only relax for about 15 minutes then I was off again in the car. Mom and I ran to Lincoln to get a few things. We stopped at Home Depot to pick up a deep free. Well, the size of the one that she THOUGHT was on sale, wasn't even a deep freeze, it was a fridge. LOL. So we ended up with one that is a little bit bigger then what we have room for, but that's alright. A little bit bigger the better.

Then, after that, we ran over to Super Saver. Oh my Lanta...when I shop for food, I consider it my relaxing time. I take my time and look at everything. Yea, apparently when the traffic outside is heavy, it's the same damn way in the store. People were racing through the damn store to get what they need and get out. I swear to Buddha, I about got ran over by crazy shoppers about 6 times, then when we were in check out, some guy kicked one of the hand baskets and it came flying at my legs. "haha oh sorry"...yea, I'm sure you're fuckin' sorry buddy. Let's just kick stuff at the pregnant lady.

Then after all that crap, we stopped at Payless...FINALLY! I now have my new moccasins and I also got Colby a pair of snow boots. I think I'm just going to wrap them up and give them to him for Christmas, since he won't really need them quite yet. He wears a size 5, but these are a size 6. I'm hoping he can make them last for atleast a year or 2.

So finally, after a long day of just being in the damn car, I am finally home and with my little man. He was crying when we got back tho. I think he was just tired and hungry. We made some fish sticks and he was really happy with that. I think he's a little sad tho because he didn't see daddy come back with me. He was looking all over grandma's house for him. I should tell Ray, but then he'll feel really bad. But, tomorrow he'll be fine I think. We are going to a garage sale at a church then we are going to the craft show down at the fair grounds. THEN finally, after all that, we will be at home watching the football game. YES! :) hehe.

Sunday, I need to check what time my Packers play because I'm supposed to stop over at Gwen's for a Tastefully Simple party but I'm unsure I really want to go anymore. I just want to buy one or two things and call it good.

g    c;cvhi mk b, mduoie s ne4vrewsssssssd7

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Colby wanted to type

Anyway, not too much else really going on. This next week will be busy with Dr apointments and cleaning the house for Thanksgiving. Also, I have to work...yes, even on Thanksgiving. Oh well, I supposed I will live with working a freaking Holiday. THEN I am off again until Monday...YEY! :)

Alright, everyone have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Surgery Day

Well, surgery this morning went as good as we had expected. I'm so glad to be out of that hospital and back at my parents house. We were all up and moving at about 5 this morning....needless to say we were all wide awake. Even Colby ended up waking up and staying awake until surgery.

We got to the hospital at around 7 (a little early since we were told to check in by 7:30) and we actually didn't have to wait very long. Colby was pretty good until we had to go back into the little cubical and wait for the nurses and dr to come back and talk to us. One of the nurses was extremely nice and brought us a portable dvd player and some movies so we could keep Colby occupied. We did need to give him some medicine to try and calm him down a little bit as he was getting restless and wanting to walk around. You would thinking giving an oral liquid to a child would be easy.....HA...needless to say most of that crap ended up on me & Colby. But we did manage to get just enough in his mouth that he was really calm.

Watching Colby go back with the nurses really got to me. I wanted to cry but luckily I didn't. Dr had told us that the whole thing would take about an hour which was good because I don't think I could sit around waiting more then what we did already.

When they came and got us, we had to wait about another 15-20 minutes before we got to see him. They said that when their patients are sleeping, they don't wake them until THEY are ready, which is kind of nice. Once Colby finally woke up, the brought him back to us. Poor little guy was just all swollen and crying. I felt terrible because we couldn't get him to calm down for more then 5 minutes at a time. And we had to wait there in recovery for about another hour. I think the scariest part about the whole thing was that his tears were pinkish-red. They said that will just be drainage and will happen for a while....ick. They also had to put a feeding tube in for surgery so he had a bloody nose as well.

Ray relaxing with Colby in recovery
The hardest part tho about once we got him back was taking out his IV. OOOOHHH man...I think we scared some of the other people that were around us because he was just screaming! He kept trying to pull it out himself which I know hurt him, but I'm pretty sure he felt 100% better after the nurse took it out of his little arm.

After that, we were able to get him calm down enough to take some crackers and some water. The whole problem tho is that we can't just let him chug water down or eat whatever he wants. The dr told us to be sure to treat him as if he's got the flu. So pretty much just clear liquids and crackers for my little man...atleast through lunch time.

THE hardest part was when they told us we could go. I was carrying him out of the office and walking throught the waiting rooms was really hard. All those people kept staring at us and here I am walking through the hall way with a crying child who's eyes are all swollen. I honestly wanted to cry. I felt terrible for him.

--15 Minute Leave To Comfort Waking Child--

We honestly couldn't get him to stop crying until we got about half way across Lincoln. He then, finally, passed out and stayed asleep. After we got him home he stayed asleep for about an hour and a half and has just woken up now. haha. But he is feeling better I think. But as for opening his eyes, that has been a bit of a challenge. They had told us that his vision may be blurred so seeing things will definatly hurt. But right now he's not really communicating what he wants, just kind of wants us to hold him and try to remember where he is at.

--leaves to check on child--

Alright, as of right now, he is awake, pretty calm and is eating cereal and drinking down water with grandma. He has his eyes open, for the most part. I think his eyes still hurt a lot. I think tonight will just be a sit around watching kid movies type of night. I'm just happy he is not screaming and crying like he was earlier.

Anyway, nothing too much else going on here. I guess I could talk about pregnancy. As of right now, I have been SWELLING. Not just my hands, but all down in my lady bits. O.M.G. does it hurt. Not when I pee or anything like that, just in general. My OBGYN will be down there this coming Tuesday so I'm sure she can tell me how it's going. Today also, my left leg felt REALLY tight. Like I had bloat or something. Man, did that hurt when I had to carry my 2 year old out.

Ok, I think that is enough updating from this end. I will keep everyone posted on how Colber-bean is doing and how the baby is doing as well. Less then 5 weeks to go and I couldn't be more ready.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Surgery In The Morning

Well, tomorrow is Colby's surgery..ugh! Not really too excited about it but what can ya do? We have to be up and moving by about 5am and we'll be on the road to Lincoln a little bit after 6. We don't have to be there until 7:30 but everyone is insisting that we go early.

Anyway, I'm just writing a quick blog to update all who read it. I will most likely be blogging tomorrow night before I take Ray back home. --why he is insisting on going back, I really don't know.-- We will be spending most of our day in Lincoln with Colby for surgery then depending on how he feels after, we may be doing some shopping. I plan on staying here for most of the weekend because I want to go to a few craft shows that are happening in town.

OH, Ray and I went out to Walmart tonight and were rather shocked to find all the Harry Potter movies for $3.98! That's right $3.98. So of course, we bought the 5 that we didn't have yet. So now, we just need the part 2 of the last movie and then we have them all. Ha Ha, makes me laugh at those who spent about $20 on them when they first came out, but then again, they also probably got the special edition ones, which we didn't. I guess I also don't care THAT much about these movies lol.

I'm hoping tomorrow I can get my shoes that I want, and then pick up some food that we DESPERATELY need. I know mom will be buying us a deep freeze as a christmas gift, which is great! She found one that actually is a much better size for our house then the ones that we were looking at. I can NOT wait for her to buy it and bring it out. I need to start filling it with food for when the little man gets here and then for the rest of winter. I really want to get a few turkey's to have in the freezer. As long as Ray's mother doesn't know that we have them, then it should be fine. I don't need her asking us to "bring something" out to the house when really she just wants free food. If she were smart, she would be stocking up NOW. When the stores are having great sales, like we have been doing.

Alright, off to take a shower then to bed I go!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another Football Saturday

Congradulations to my fellow Huskers on their win at Penn State today! 17-14 was the final score, and I must say, I was sitting on the edge of my chair watching the last few minutes of the 4th quarter.

I will say that I am very sympothic to the victoms of this Penn State sex scandal. I definately think that losing their head coach messed with the heads of the players. They did give it their all, and they played a hard game.

But I am very proud of my Husker boys for finally figuring themselves out. I think that T-Magic has really progressed this season. Our throwing game still is rather rusty, but definately has improved, and that is what matters! I do think that Kinnie is a terrible reciever, and has been really shotty the past few games. Even Burkhead was a little off today, but made a massive comeback in the second half.

Black Friday

So today I happened to be scanning ads and saw that Walmart has their black friday ad out. I did manage to browse through it and find a few things that I want to go for, but definately not enough things to get my whole shopping trip done. I'm just going to wait until next week to see if Target has anything worth while.

I know I plan to stop at a few stores this coming week to see if I can find any great deals anyway. Also, I want to stop at payless and get a pair of my moccasins since mine at totally worn out. They are THE best pair of moccasins that I have owned! Very comfortable and they have lasted through a lot.

As for the rest of my weekend, I will be laying around being lazy, since my Packers don't play until Monday night.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Veteran's Day. This is one of those days that makes me want to cry. Just simply for the reason that my grandpa is not with us anymore and my dad served in Vietnam.

I'm also rather annoyed with my eldest brother. Of all days to remember to call our dad, and you don't do it? Simply because you don't feel you need to??


What kind of son are you?? Oh yea, probably the kind that will show up at the funeral and wait for the reading of the will just to see how much money you will be getting. I swear to Buddha, this really does piss me off. A Vietnam Veteran is what my dad is. It's apart of him. It's affected his entire life. And his own flesh and blood can't respect his own father enough to give him a call and say "Hey Dad, Happy Veteran's Day!" Really?! You can sit your ass on the computer and play farmville but not make a simple phone call?? You are NO brother of mine.

Now that that's off my chest...

Today was just another crazy ass, weird Friday. Apparently at our drs appointment yesterday, we forgot to get Colby's bloodwork done, so after work I had to run him back to Holdrege and get his blood drawn. Not something I wanted to do, but had to be done. We have to be at the hospital by 7:30am the day of his surgery. So it will definately be a loong day.

Anyway, I'm still really worked up about this whole Veteran's Day phone call thing. It erks me off sooooo damn bad... but I will never forget what my father did for this nation. And grandpa, RIP. I love you and miss you and honor you.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No More Blonde

Last night while shopping I decided to pick up a cheap box of hair dye. I love having my hair blonde, but I can't stand it once it's grown out. So I bought a box of light brown and went ahead this morning to dye my hair. Now, I will tell you, I've never dyed my hair by myself. I have attempted to, but ended up needing the help of my mother. And any other time I've bought the dyed and did it at home, I had help from friends. But this time I decided that my hair is probably short enough that I could manage to do this on my own.

34 weeks 2 days
I decided that I would take a belly pic while I was dying my hair. I don't have any stretch marks so showing off my bare belly doesn't really bother me that much.

Anyway, I told Ray that he may need to help me while I'm dying my hair because the thought of having my hair look crappy because I missed spots scares me. BUT I managed to get my hair dyed with no help from Ray or anyone else, and I think that it turned out really nice! I didn't take a picture of my hair before or after but that's ok. Atleast it will look nice for the holidays and for when baby gets here. I did find it rather funny tho that Ray made a comment that I seem to dye my hair more when I am pregnant then I do any other time. Well, I suppose that is somewhat true, but after getting blonde in my hair, I knew I'd had to get it done again anyway. Also, my hair is short enough now that I can manage it myself.

I should take a picture of how I look today. I threw on my new top and some leggings and even threw on heels earlier and I think I looked really good. I was actually told that my belly looks on the small side....I'm unsure if I really agree or not. I think I'm pretty big or atleast right on track.

Along with the box of hair dye, I also managed to make my way over to the wine section at Target. hehehe. I've never been a big wine person, but I'm trying to get a little more knowledge of my wine. SOOOOO....I decided to pick up a bottle to try out during Thanksgiving dinner. I saw this little baby on the shelf and thought the bottle was rather appealing, so I picked it up. It's called Sofia. I even went as far as to pick up a few wine glasses. Walmart had a set of 4 for $5 and I couldn't pass that up. I want Thanksgiving dinner to be nice this year. I also want some wine glasses so I could share with friends when they are over.

Anyway, sorry to those who are reading this and freaking out that I am even considering drinking a glass of wine while pregnant. I've already had one glass so far this pregnancy and I think half a glass will be alright.

Next week we will be in Lincoln for Colby's eye surgery and I'm starting to get nervous...I've managed to put it out of my mind for now, but tomorrow we take him to get a physical and I'm just scared all over again. Just gotta keep telling myself that everything will be fine.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I would like to give a shout out to Lindsey! Congrats girly!! Harry Desmond was born 11-7-11 at 8:12 pm. He was 5lbs 11oz and 19 inches long. Congrats to Lindsey and her husband Antonio! I'm so happy for you guys! Can't wait to see little mans picture!!

In other news, not too much has been going on since last night. I have been going a little crazy thinking about many of the things I want to buy before and after baby gets here. I'm a little sad because I need to buy atleast ONE pregnancy shirt before Thanksgiving gets here, so I can atleast look semi-nice in pictures.

Monday, November 7, 2011

After 6 Days Of Working..

I am FINALLY at home and ready to enjoy some much needed time off. Well, it won't really be that great since I should go in tomorrow and get some inservice stuff done on the computer and then Thursday we have a dr apointment and I have a meeting that day at 12:30. UGH....just can never fully get away.

Anyway, today is Ray's 27th birthday!! We were planning on going out on a well needed date, but the weather doesn't look like it's going to be on our side, so we're settling on a night at home and pizza. Right now he's out havin' a few drinks since he doesn't want to sit at home...go figure lol. I told him to go pick up some wine so I could have a drink myself.

Another exciting thing that is happening RIGHT NOW, at this very minute. My friend Lindsey is in labor!! YEY!! She was due Dec 3rd, but has been having blood pressure issues her whole pregnancy. Well, she was in active labor this morning and was already at 5cm! That's awesome! So close to getting that epi before it gets super bad. But hey, she may make it to 10 and not have a major problem! Good Luck, Lindsey! Can't wait to see pictures of the little guy and finally hear his name! For some weird reason I keep thinking Cameron? haha Not sure why..

Let's see....well, today I am 34 weeks pregnant! Only 6 more to go! Well..unless you are a certain someone who wanted to say "he will probably come late"...yea, not happening. His notice is the 21st and that's the end of that. Either way, I am still staying home for the holidays.

Speaking of the holidays, I really hate that people forget that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas. Getting your holiday shopping done early, sure. But I really hate that so many places are playing Christmas music and that the radio has it going already. Honestly, I want to focus on the great food I will be having and not the snow and light and decorations that come along with Christmas. I love Christmas, don't get me wrong, but I really like thinking about my Turkey dinner first, then thinking about Christmas gifts.

Speaking of Christmas gifts, I've decided that this year I will be making my gifts. I want to do cookies in a jar. I figured I could spend about $40 dollars making them and then have everyone taken care of. Just need to get online and figure out which ones I want to make and figure out if I want to just order all the stuff I need or go buy them.

In other exciting news, my Green Bay Packers are now 8-0!! WHHHOOOOO!! Yea baby!! They San Deigo Chargers put up a great fight! Right until the end. I swear to you, I should not be watching football while pregnant because it definately raises my blood pressure. But the final score ended up being 45-38, and I was jumping for joy over this fantastic victory!

On a sad note, my Huskers fell to Northwestern. I honestly am so upset about this. It should have been an easy win, but we just couldn't pull it out. Atleast my Packers won.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Another LOOONG Weekend Ahead

This should be a happy time. It's Friday, it's weekend time! BUT...I really don't have a weekend. I still have 3 more days of work before I get 3 days off. Also, today was our activities directors last day, and I will really miss her. We didn't really talk that much for the whole year that I have been there, but I can't picture working a day there without her! I'm not too fond of our new AD so far. She seems a little too stuck up for my liking, but our retired AD told me to keep her updated on our baby boy! So hopefully she will show up randomly during the Christmas party.

As for work itself, I wanted to die. I seriously felt like I got NOTHING accomplished today, at all. I mean, we had so much extra crap that took away from our "normal job duties" that I think we ended up leaving some rooms untouched....icky.

Tomorrow, I am in laundry, and I'm NOT excited for it. I would rather stay home and watch my Husker game, but if I'm lucky, I will have gotten enough done to leave by 2:30. But I may just stay until 3:30 so I can get more done. Just depends on how I'm feeling.

So, I have decided that I want to get back into some reading. I finished The Help not too long ago, and just fell in love with the story. I now am on the lookout for a good book to read. I have decided that I don't really want to buy another book to read, as I have plenty of books around this house that need to get read.

I was considering reading The Time Travelers Wife, but for whatever reason, I just can't get myself to want to start it. So, yet again, I am putting off this book and onto the next. I've come to the conclusion that I have put off my Nicholas Sparks books long enough and want to get back into reading them. The first book that I ever read by him was The Last Song. When reading it, I had no clue that this was the same author who also wrote The Notebook, Dear John and A Walk To Remember. But I fell in LOVE with the book and became hooked on his good but sappy love stories. I stopped reading his books when I tried to read The Notebook. Now, I loved the movie, but def have to be in the right mind set to watch it. So, I decided to take a break from NS to explore other authors. Now, I am ready to get back into it. I will be reading At First Sight. It has stuff to do with family and being a parent, so I'm interested. I will more then likely be buying a few more books this winter to have around for when I have the time again to read.

--If anyone has any great books that I may want to read, please let me know!!--

Hmm, not too much else really. I don't go back to the doctors until the 10th and I'm really hoping I get checked. I actually want to see where baby is at and if there is any progress down there...which I doubt that there is.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Work Will Kill Me Yet!!

This is going to be the longest freaking work week for me yet. I already have to work the weekend, then throw me up there on Monday, just to make my life suck even more....UUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!! I have 5 more days of work until I get 3 days off. Then I have to work Friday...then I have the weekend off and then I believe it's back to my normal short weeks. I've been slacking a LOT lately, and I know it. I just HATE working right now. I would rather stay home and get some more house stuff done since my parents is coming on Sunday to watch Colby for us and then they will be here again on Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Turkey Day...guess who's gotta work?!....YEP, ME. I guess it's alright tho. It ends up working out better that way for my parents. They can come done around noon and start getting the turkey ready so we can have a great feast that night. I might just have to get the relish tray ready the night before and then get all the other stuff ready the night before. That way, I can just either have mom prepare some of the stuff OR have it out and ready to prepare for when I get off work. I know my mom...she just always has to help. lol

I'm also really sad that I will miss kick off this saturday! But I've missed it before, and they will be watching at work. I'm not too sure if my Packers play on Sunday, or Monday. Monday is Ray's birthday, so I really want to take him out for dinner. We NEVER go out to eat, well, other then fast food, so this is a BIG treat! I'm just not too sure where we want to go. I'm thinking Skeeter Barnes would be a good place to go. I've been there once before and LOVED it. Need to check their website and check out their menu. We'll have Colby with us, so need to be sure there are kid meals avalible.

Will probably be making a vlog tonight sometime so I can update everything us from there.

Later ya'll!