Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bachelorette Party

OOOOHHHH MAN. Last night was pretty crazy. But we had such a fun time! Here are a few pics from the party at the hotel room. I really didn't get much for when we were going out, but I did get some video that I need to post to youtube...really good.

Table decor at wedding shower

Miss Stephanie

Her decor at her party in hotel room

Stacy and Steph

Goodie Bags

Parfait of Panties hehe

Awesome Piano Bar
This was a pretty fun night I must say. That piano bar was really fun. I've never been to one before, so it was rather fun to see how it all works. They did play a few of the songs that I requested. I will say, they did a lot of lady gaga request and they even did a rap

Here is a video of Steph getting sang to at the piano bar. I think she just had the best of time! I can't wait to go back!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flashback Friday

I'm always so darn busy and I forget to do these! haha but here is my picture!

In honor of my best friend Steph getting married, here is a flashback to Halloween about......oh...5 years ago?? We were sexy cops :) hehe Just so people know, I believe this was pre-Ray...because I was pregnant my first Halloween with Ray.

Today & tonight is all about my friend Steph! At 10 we have her Bridal shower then tonight we have her bachelorette party. It will be pretty crazy I think, since I haven't been down town Lincoln in a LOOOONNNGGGG time. After this very stressful week, I think it is very called for!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why Talk??

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother talking or posting an opinion on my facebook. Yea, I know. It's facebook, everyone reads it and sees it, and they are entitled to state their opinions, but sometimes I wonder why I just can't write something when I'm mad and not get a lecture for feeling the way I feel.

Today was just one of those days. I had made a comment about mad cow disease being "back" and that I was going to be eating more chicken and pork. My cousin, who is married to a cow farmer, started to lecture me about how "little comments" like mine scare people out of eating beef when it was just a secluded case...blah blah blah. Now, I was just joking around. I have been cutting back on my red meat intake anyway, but she completely started lecturing me about how I'm "scaring" people into not eating beef......well, I'm pretty sure no one really listens to me. Hell, I've been the black sheep of my family for YEARS....on both sides! No one listens to me at all. And if they do they usually make fun of me. This is FAMILY that I'm talking about. I guess I never turned out how everyone thought that I would so I've been cast out.

Anyone else been considered the black sheep? Sometimes I wonder why I care so much about my family. I love them to death and always want to be around for the big things....but of course, that doesn't really matter.

Anyway, not too much else right now. I have been getting super excited because the NFL Draft is TOMORROW!!!! YEY!! I'm trying to get more involved with my football team and see where the Nebraska players will be going and who Green Bay will be getting.

I'm really hoping that LaVonte David comes to Green Bay :) He is the 3rd ranked at his position so whoever gets him will be very lucky.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Just Another Monday

I think for sure we all know that it is Monday. Boo.

The only good thing about THIS Monday is that it is PAY DAY!! WOOP WOOP!

I will say that yesterday I was a little disappointed in Ray. He didn't even bother to call to wish Colby a happy birthday. Not even a little text! Yes, I know he was working, but there is a slow part of the day that he could of at least shot us a text or something?

Oh well. He did call today, which caught me by surprise. I didn't think he'd even think about calling today.

Tomorrow I will be getting my hair cut & colored. I'm thinking I will just get a trim, since I am trying to grow my hair out. Then I will most likely just get high lights :) which I love. I have tossed around the idea of completely bleaching out my hair.....but I'm pretty sure it would scare people lol. I don't think my hair looks that bad when it's blond, but just haven't been BLEACH blond. I'm wanting my hair to be blond for my friends wedding.

SPEAKING of wedding....she has her bachelorette party this weekend and I still have NO gift. SHIT. Well...that's a lie. I do have A gift, but it's just something small. I need a main gift to give her. Grr..

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Flashback Friday

In honor of Colby turning 3, here is the picture of me in the hospital with him.

Ugh...I look terrible!! But I felt like complete shit! haha. This was taken April 21st, 2009. It's crazy how fast time flys!

This is our first family picture. April 22nd, 2009. It's crazy how much thinner Ray was in 2009. I just remember how happy I was to finally have my baby boy in my arms. And now, the little booger will be 3...makes me want to cry!

In Labor.....3 years ago

My oh my, where has the time gone?? I can not believe that my oldest will be 3 years old tomorrow. I believe at this time, 3 years ago, I was just getting my epidural. Crazy to think back and remember how crazy of a day that it was. I will for sure, post a picture of Colby tomorrow so everyone can see my 3 year old baby :)

We're not doing much for his birthday this year. I will be baking him a cake tonight and then decorating it in the morning. I decided not to go with a Spongebob theme like I have for the past 2 years...I think I'm kind of over it now. I plan to put a toy Mater and Lighting McQueen on his cake. He LOVES the Cars movies, so I thought that would look really cute on there.

I don't know if I had ever said on my blog about Colby getting hearing aids, but we had went to get the molds made and everything. Then about a week later, come to find that the drs decided against him getting the aids because at his last testing he had improved. To be honest, I was rather relieved. That is one less thing that I have to fight with him about. I already knew that he would never keep them in...even tho the people helping us with him think otherwise. (They said the same thing about his glasses too and guess what, he wouldn't keep them on!) When Betty Jo found out about him not getting the aids, I think she was a little upset about it. The drs want to run other tests on him to see what other options he has available to him. A few other people were telling us that they think he needs to get the aids, but I think there is just something else wrong. He can hear, he just needs something else....I'm hoping not meds, but there is something else. He does have a slight delay with his development, but there has to be something else wrong, and it can't just be his hearing.

At this point in time, I really don't want to push for the aids....even tho I was sort of being told that I should. I am just waiting until we talk to the drs again and see what they have in mind for him and what they suggest. The others that we work with are through the school and the are only there at the house for maybe an hour, so they always see him when he's super fussy. I just want other tests ran before I throw a hearing aid on my child. I guess I just have to start speaking up and I know it won't be agreed upon by everyone...I already know that.

Ok, I guess I'm done for now...I have a cake to bake! haha!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

I am doing some research for my new blog and have started reading Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. I heard about this series of books when I was cleaning a room at work that had CBS Morning News on and they just happened to be talking about these books. I was rather enthralled with the idea of the books. I quickly grabbed my Kindle and downloaded all three books.

I just started reading the first book in the series and let me just say, I really didn't want to put it down to write this post. It's just THAT good! Definitely makes me get a and bothered....if you know what I mean. ;)

Honestly, I've never been into any of these sexual-romance kind of books. But this books is so much different. The characters are in their 20s. College graduates and a young millionaire who get involved with each other by chance. I've read a few reviews on Goodreads and many of them say the book is terribly written and the story line is just Twilight with chains and wipes. Now, I've never read Twilight, nor do I ever plan to. Twilight is just....eww. I'm not into that sci-fi fiction crap. This book has characters that are much more real.

Anyway, I'm only on chapter 11, but by chapter 8 you will not put this book down. It gets VERY sexual by chapter 8 and really REALLY involved. I must say that this is very interesting stuff for my book and makes for a great escape from my very hectic life here at home.

Tomorrow I will be at work and since the chapters of this book are long, 30 minutes on breaks will not be long enough for me to read all that I want. So I will have to try and read after work tomorrow, if that is even humanly possible. Gotta pray that both kids go down for a nap so mommy can have some "alone" time.

I know that many people are not readers, but really this is a great book to get lost in. I've been doing pretty well with my reading list. Yet, I did leave the book Lolita still unfinished. Mostly for the pure fact that the writing seems much too over my head. And the story line got really boring.

But for the most part, I have read quite a few books so far..atleast I like to think so. I'm rather proud of myself. Usually I give up on books after about 2 months of reading. But luckily I have been able to find something to keep my mind occupied. <-- after reading the hungers games series, I really didn't want to read anymore books for a while. I gave it 3 weeks and then started another book. This time, a paperback. It's always nice to go back to the paperback after reading on a little tablet.

Alright, well I've rambled enough now I think, so I suppose I will let everyone go and get on with their daily lives :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Wireless Baby

After how ever long, we now finally have our own wireless internet. Soooo happy about that! I can now log on to the net whenever I want and not have to worry about there being a low connection.

We were using, what we assumed to be a public connection, but we're still very unsure. It's just better that we have our own.

So as you know, it is best that you put a password on your wireless connection so then nobody other then those that you allow can use your wireless. Well...honestly, I was in complete panic mode for about...oh 30 minutes or so? I was trying everything and anything to figure out how the hell to get to the password section. But proudly, I did figure it out. You have to go online to get it all worked out and stuff. So now, our connection says Ruskamp instead of...well, whatever it said before. And we now have a little lock by the connection :) I feel so damn smart for figuring it out. (honestly, I didn't think it would be so damn complicated, but I guess I'm just a moron)

Ok, so I know I said that I was taking a vow of silence from the computer today, but I guess I'm breaking that. I decided that I did enough crying last night over my uncles death. I miss him every single day, and I do cry a lot about him still being gone, but I think today I will try and be happy. Think back to the time that we did have with him on this earth and just laugh at some of the crazy things he used to say and do.

Also, we have a lot of things to do today. We will be putting together my 5 shelf bookcase so then I can get my books in it and set up my picture frames and get some of our DVDs into it. We have Betty Jo coming today also, so we may just have to wait a while on putting it together, but damn I'm so darn happy that we have internet and I have today and tomorrow off and also Thursday.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Tomorrow I will be taking a day of silence to remember my uncle who passed away 2 years ago from cancer. I miss him everyday and I still cry when I think about him or hear a song that makes me think of him. Relay for Life is definately hard on me.

But if I don't write tomorrow it's because I am taking some time to reflect.

R.I.P. Doug
I love you and miss you

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just Bad Weather

Of course, today we have to be in a Severe Thunderstorm Watch and a Tornado Watch. Just fantastic. I'm really glad that I'm not at work because then I would be stuck there for about 5 hours after the fact.

So I will update on William! He is 4 months old!! My goodness.

Weight: 15lbs 9oz
Height: about 24ins
Eating: about 6oz every 4 hours
Sleeping: A good 6-9 hours

I've come to accept that I have very short children. Oh well. He's so darn adorable right?

Also, here is a video of William laughing :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another Blog?! AHHH!!

Yes, it's true. I have decided to make another blog. This blog is about my home life, my boys, my job..etc. This new blog is a little more out there. It's about my sex life...or lack there of actually.

It's called Motherhood Sex. I've just started the blog so there really isn't much there. Yet.  But I plan to make the blog great. I know there are many woman out there, well, mothers out there, that aren't having sex. For whatever reasons that may be, I plan to find them. I plan to look into them. I plan on researching these things. I think I may just choose to interview a few of my friends and co-workers to get some of the lowdown on motherhood sex.

Please!! Follow my new blog! I'm unsure how often I will write or how often I will keep it up, but I really hope that this new blog will be a great experience for me and many who decide to read it.

I love writing so I'm really hoping to expand my journalism skills.

That's all for now! Chao!