Friday, January 27, 2012

Just Another Day

I haven't been able to blog for the past few days just due to the fact that I have been so darn busy. Also, wasn't able to get my internet to connect for me.

Tonight was just one of those nights. I've been trying to get the dishes done because they are just awful. So while I'm doing them, I keep checking on my boys. Well, when I don't check on Colby for a good 10 minutes, he manages to shit his pants take them off and get poop all over the bed, the floor and himself. I caught him trying to throw the diaper away and just completely freaked out. I threw him in the tub and just washed him down. Luckily it came off pretty easily. Then I had to get the turds off the floor and off the Just another fantastic day in mommyhood.

Breaking Down
I have to admit, I didn't think I would be able to breastfeed for these past 7 weeks. I only made it about 5 weeks with Colby so making it to 7 with Will has really boosted my attitude. But, these past few days, I've been really stressed out. I feel like my milk isn't coming in like it was, and I'm unable to pump all the time, so when I try to feed Will, he drains my boob and then is still hungry. This happened with Colby and he just made me soo frustrated I had to quit. I think I'm going to try and find some fenugreek and see if that will help at all. I'm unsure where I need to go to get it, or if I just need to order it from online, but I definately need to get some.

Last night I finally hit my breaking point. When both kids started crying and neither could be calmed down, I was just done. I called my mother to see if she would come this weekend to help me because I just can't do it all by myself. I can do some, but not as much as I would like. I'm still waiting to hear back from her on if she is coming tomorrow or not.

I'm still waiting on my tax money to get here. I'm really getting annoyed with it not being here, but what can I do? I'm going to run into town I think and get a few little Valentine stuff for the boys. I'm not into the whole day itself so I figured I'll just spoil the boys.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

6 week accomplishments

Today, I am a very proud mama! William is starting to hold his head up sooo good now! He also, when placed on his stomach, is rolling from stomach to back. I couldn't put him on his stomach without him rolling over. Soo proud of my baby chunky monkey!

Not too much else has really gone on tho. He does like to stare at himself in the mirror. And he is soo close to giving me a big old smile! It's great. But I know Colby didn't give me a real social smile until I believe he was.....almost 3 months I think?? I can't remember. I'd have to look it up in his baby book...

---checking baby book---

It says 7 weeks, but I know he was maybe 2-3 months old when I got that first real smile. Where I was changing him, we locked eyes and he gave me a BIG smile. I just remember wanting to cry because my little man saw my face and smiled at me. It was sooo heart warming.

Football Sunday
Well, even tho my Packers are out of the playoffs, I'm still going to be watching to see who makes it to the super bowl. Ray & I will be cheering on the Ravens and the 49ers. I know the kicker from the Ravens so it would be cool to see him in the super bowl.

The top picks right now are the Giants and Patriots. My brother is cheerin' for the Pats...stupid. If the case ends up being these 2 teams, I will be cheering for the Giants, all the way! But lets see what happens.

Water For Elephants
So, I left the movies The Help & Water For Elephants at my moms house. She wanted to watch both movies since she was told BOTH are just fantastic and of course, she has NOT read either of the books. --I will say right now, both books are excellent reads!-- She finally watched both movies and said that both are pretty great.

I will say tho, before I watched the movie, I had sooo many people tell me that it was a "good movie", but the animal abuse in it just makes them hate it. Ummm, hello? The movie is based on a 1930s traveling circus. They didn't have the kind of animal protection laws like they do now. So my reaction to that is, if the movie made you uncomfortable, then the actors did they're job. It is a little different from reading about the abuse and then actually seeing it on the big screen. But it was done soo well.

Fried Chicken
Alright, so....I have been truely determined to make some really good fried chicken. (watching The Help doesn't help that craving either) I'm going to buy the skillet that I want to use and take it from there. I've tried doing it before, but I didn't get it cooked all the way through....grrr. I'll get it down and make some of the BEST fried chicken. I'm starving!

If anyone has any recipes for some really good fried chicken that they would like to share, please leave me a message and a link to the recipe!

Valentine's Day
January is almost over and of course we now have our next big "holiday" which is....Valentine's Day. Even tho, I am a pretty big romantic, I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day....why you may ask? To me it just seems like a pointless holiday that gives loved ones a certain day to tell their spouse that they love them....but I always ask, why does it have to be on a certain day?? Why can't they show their love on a random day of the year???

Ugh...I'm the scrooge of Valentine's...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's Not A Van

Last night, I was going through Colby's baby book. I was curious to see how much he weighed when he was 6 weeks old...lik William is now. So as I was browsing through it, I noticed that Colby was 10lbs 1oz when he was 8 weeks old. I weighed Will last night and he weighed 10lbs 4oz. WOW!! Big baby!! :) Actually, that's not THAT big, but he's definately gaining weight a little faster then what Colby did. At least thus far. I'll just have to wait and see how much Will weighs in 2 weeks.

It's Not A Van
So yesterday, Ray and I went out to his mothers for lunch. She said there was a gift out there for us from her brother so we needed to go out anyway. Being out there was fine, Ray showed his mom his new trailblazer and what not. Well, when Ray and I were in the car getting ready to leave, I asked him,

"So what did your mom think of the blazer?"

"She thought it was a van"


"She what?!" **I start to laugh**

"She thought it was a van. When she tried to open the back doors, she was trying to slide them"

**my laughter continues**

Ok, Ray's mother definately is not the brightest bulb in the bunch, but really? You thought our Chevy Trailblazer was a VAN?! ......all I can think is, how do you mistake this thing for a van?! The back passenger doors look identical to the front ones. It doesn't have a third back seat....the woman has completely lost it I think. This really takes the cake.

Wishful Thinking
I've been wanting to get a new computer for a while now. I've had this Gateway laptop for a good while now...about 6-7 years to be exact. I know it's VERY outdated. So now I'm wanting a new one. BUT I'm highly considering getting a MacBook. Now for those who are up to date on the prices of these things, MacBooks are REALLY expensive. And when I say expensive, I mean starting price is $999.99. They are for sure worth the price, but I really don't want to spend that much money on something right now. SOOOO I'm considering just going to the store and picking up an hp computer.'d have everything that I want, but it's not a Mac.

I'm also considering a new camera. I've been wanting a Nikon forever now! I think I'll wait until April to make that purchase, but for now I think I will continue to browse. I'd like to get some of my artistic photos up on the walls. We don't have many pictures of the kids up, so that's something I want to change.

Books Books Books
Since knowing that I will be getting a nice chunk of money, I've been looking on ebay and wanting to get a few of the books that I know I haven't been able to buy for a while.

OH speaking of books, I am determined to start reading more this year like I was last year. So I will be making a page of all the books that I am reading. When I start them and when I finish them. I don't read that fast, but it's better then what I used to. So I will be working on this today!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Moby Wrap Review

I said the other day that I would do a review on the Moby Wrap and yesterday I completely forgot, so here we go.

1. Comfortable- This product is made of 100% cotton, and I must say that it is VERY comfortable to wear. It's a little bit heavy, but not so heavy that it bothers you while wearing it.

2. Easy to wear - The first time that I put this thing on, I was a little confused as to how to wear it, but I watched a youtube video on the ways to wear it and honestly, it's fairly simple. It seems to be complicated, but once you try wrapping it once or twice, you basically have it down to a tee.

3. Baby loves it - I was a little skeptical when I first heard about the moby. So many people were saying how they love it and that baby seems to love being in the moby. After putting baby in it, he fell asleep and was out for a good hour! I couldn't believe how much he seemed to like it.

4. Can get things done - Normally, I'm not a fan of having baby in my arms, but since this keeps him on my chest and keeps my hands free to do other things, it's rather helpful. Esp when he is crying and I'm in the other room cooking.

1. A little scary - I will say, I was wearing William while I was cooking, and it really started to scare me when I would open a cabinet as I thought it would smack him in the head. Also, if you don't have it tight enough, and you lean over, you're scared baby may fall out.

2. Takes time - Even tho it's pretty simple to put on, it still takes a while to get the damn thing wrapped around you're body and to make sure that it is tight enough so baby is secure in it.

3. A little bit of a pain - So I must say, that I think wearing baby in the store when we have 2 kids to take with us, is a much easier soluation then the car seat, but then I think about how I have to bring the moby with me everywhere, have to make sure that I have it on before I go out, and then having to get baby out of the car seat when he maybe already sleeping, may just be a bit of a problem.

Overall, I think this product is great, and I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to wear baby. I guess we'll just have to wait until I am out and about and get the chance to use it a little more.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1 Month Check Up

Took William to the doctors for his 1 month check up. Here are his stats:

Weight: 9lbs 12oz - 50% (was 7lbs 11oz at birth)

Height: 20 3/4" -10% (was 19in long at birth)

Head Circ: I'm unsure of this, but he's in the 75%.

He looked pretty good! Just like Colby, our little man is on the shorter side. He's growing, but to me it seems like he is growing slow. We've just increased his feedings to about 4 to 6oz every 3-4 hours. I'm really surprised how much this little piggy pig eats!

I also got checked out while we were at the doctors. Everything with me looked pretty good too. I'm still REALLY unsure about what kind of birth control that I want to do, so for the time, my dr gave me the depo shot. I actually think that I will just continue with the shot. As much as I would like to get Mirena, I'm REALLY scared to even think about putting something in me and then have problems with it. I think for now the shot will be my best bet. It's good for 3 months and they give you a paper that reminds you when you need to get another one. And with me going to the drs every month for William, I think I'll remember to get it done. And since Ray and I don't have sex that often anyway, I think this is probably the best option.

So this morning we got up and ran into Holdrege to get my taxes done. I was just going to drop them off but I decided to just stay and get them done...why not save myself the trip?? So I will be getting back around $5,000, and I am one VERY happy girl :). First thing is first, I will be buying myself a new phone. I can NOT wait! hehe --I know, I've been talking about getting a new phone for a good while now, it's probably getting old-- So as soon as the money comes in, I will be making a trip to Lincoln to get the phone. yey! :)

Other then the new phone, I'm thinking that I will buy a kinect for our XBox. I need to get into shape and I think if we have a game that's about losing weight, I might have an easier time with it. Then Colby can get into it with me. I'm then going to buy some bookshelves. I've be come quite the bookworm within the past year or so, so I need a place to put them all. Also need a place to put all of my movies. But after those few things, I'm unsure what my next purchase will be. I would LOVE to buy a new camera, but I'd also like to buy a new computer....UGH...idk. I need to be sure to not spend too much right away because I need to have some money saved up for my friends wedding this summer.

Shoes Shoes Shoes
My close friends know that I am a BIG Sex and the City fan. Everytime I happen to watch the movie or an episode or 2, I become obsessed with shoes. I really really REALLY want to hit the mall and walk into Famous Footwear and get me a pair of pumps. I've become kind of a shoe whore in a way...even tho I don't have many pairs of shoes. Actually, I think I need to buy myself a few good pairs of jeans! Maybe buy some Silvers :)

Along with jeans, I'll more then likely buy some books. haha, me and books. Like I said, I need bookshelves to house all these books that I keep buying.

Also, if anyone has any recommendations for a good camera please feel free to comment below!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

To The Off Season

Well, my Packers lost to the Giants tonight....:( It's a sad night here in Packer nation. But, since I can't cheer on the Packers, might as well cheer on the 49ers. I don't really care who wins the super bowl now...but I will sure as hell will be watching!

Movie Night
Right now, my mother is watching The Help. She asked me to bring it home so she could see it since everyone that she works with had been talking about it and I told her how much I loved the book and thought the movie was really good also. I also brought Water For Elephants, but I'm pretty sure we're not going to get to watch that tonight. It's another 2 hour movie and she has to work tomorrow and I'm heading back home. Oh well..

What To Buy
Tomorrow I need to stop in at the Villa and pick up my W-2 form...hopefully it is in so I can take it with me when we go to the Drs office on Tuesday. I'm pretty sure that I've already made a list of the things that I want to buy with my tax money but here is my short list of a few things that I want...

1. iPhone 4s
2. Kinect
3. a bike
4. Computer
5. Bookshelfs
6. Computer desk
7. Curtains
8. Jeans

There is my short list....most of that won't be purchased, but the phone for sure and the bookshelfs. Everything else depends on the amount of money that I get back....which I don't see as being a whole lot. But I will be sooo excited once I get my new phone. My brother has the iPhone 4s and I was just tinkering on it the other day. O.M.G. I want it! Can't wait!

Football Sunday

Well, yesterday at the baby shower went better then expected. Everyone was in a really great mood....more so then usual. (I think it's because a bunch of them are going on a cruise here in February) I was rather happy that everyone was just all smiles and overall cheerful. I've never seen so many people so excited about someone having a baby girl. As much as I LOVE the little girls clothes and accessories that go with it...I'm very happy that I have 2 boys. Even if they are destructive, they won't be so "diva-ish" as maybe a girl would.

With that in mind, the topic of another baby comes to mind. I was asked by many family members if we would be trying for a girl this next time around. I told them there may not be a "next time" around. I've told Ray that I want to be done having kids by the time I'm 30...but I did end up extending it, so I would like to be done and over with having kids by the time that I am 32. I still want to be young enough to keep up with my kids and I don't want Ray to be "too old". If we were to have another, I would probably be about 29-30. Which wouldn't be too bad, but as of right now we really don't have the space for any more kids. Our house is the size of a 2 bedroom apartment and we already have NO space for anything.

The funny thing is, the house behind my parents home is for sale. $199,999 I believe is what they are asking for it. I don't think it's all because of the house (because it is really nice) it's only got 2 main bedrooms right now and they are adding a third to the basement which is nice. But it's on a pretty big lot of land and it's also got a 2 car garage. I WISH I had the money to even get the loan for a house like that. Living behind my parents house really wouldn't be that bad. I could just walk right over and drop off Colby. And if Ray started working at Hughes Brothers Inc. with my parents, he could just catch a ride...well, depending on which shift he was on. Either way, it would be a great for the baby sitting aspect.

Football Sunday
Another Sunday, another football game. Today the Packers play the Giants and it's gonna be a SUPER exciting match up! Last time it was a nerve racking experience. I have a feeling this one will be about the same. Both teams have all their players back and ready to play, so it will be a good match up. I'm a little worried for my Packers as they have had a few weeks off now and the Giants played just last weekend.

We'll just have to wait and see how this game turns out! I'm sure I will be screaming at the top of my lungs and scaring the neighbor kids lol.

And just for your entertainment, here is a picture of Colby sitting in his old bumbo chair.
Silly Boy
I think next blog I will do a review on the Moby Wrap. I'm actually using it right now while I type. William seems to love this thing a lot! I really enjoy it too. It frees up my hands when he just wants to be held.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Baby Shower

Today is the day that I get to see my cousin and her beautiful baby bump! I'm so excited for her. She's the first cousin to have a little girl. All the rest of us have boys...which is ok with me. She's the first in her family to have a baby, so I'm glad her parents are now going to be grandparents themselves.

Pizza & Family
Well, last night we went over to my dad's cousin's house her celebrate her husband's birthday. It wasn't much, just a few pizza's, chips, salad, fruit and cake. I wasn't really in the mood to be super social last night, but I ended up being more social then I thought I would.

One thing I did notice tho, was that my dad's cousin was just all about my cousin Max. (he's going to be 13 months here on the 25th) Don't get me wrong, he's super adorable and just a sweetheart....but it just seemed like when I would try talking to her, she would kind of put me off. Don't know if she meant to or not but it really did come off that way. I did finally catch her at a time where she wasn't so pre-occupied by him and we ended up having a good talk.

Another thing that bothers me to NO END, is my Max's brother, Tanner. I understand that he is a pretty hyper kid and has tons of energy to burn, he's what? 6-7 years old now? BUT, it does bother me when I'm sitting on the couch, eating ice cream and he gets up in my face, litterally 2 inches away, and starts making weird noises in my ear. NOT.COOL.DUDE. I try sooo hard not to be mean to him, but when I'm annoyed, I can't help but be brutally honest. I was rather proud of myself tho and I didn't yell at him. Talk a little more stern, yes. But raise my voice, no.

I do enjoy talking to my aunts tho. Even tho they are both soo different, they are both really loving and understanding. They get me pretty well I think.

Now today I have to deal with a completely different group of family. I love my moms said. We're all pretty open and out there. But sometimes that open & outspoken side can get rather mean & aggressive. I do wonder if my one cousin will be there since she is going through a divorce and what not. Her and I just don't see on the same level really. She sometimes comes off as if she "knows more" then what you do. Just because you're a nurse, doesn't give you a right to act like you have a broom stick shoved up your ass. But I haven't talked to her in over a year now, so I'm pretty sure she may be a little different...if she's even there.

Go The F%$# To Sleep!
I don't know if it's the food I've been eating, or if he's really just going through a growth spurt right now, but William just won't sleep! It's starting to get frustrating since I plan to go back to work next week. He eats good for us, we can get burps out of him, but then even after 4-5oz, he won't go back to sleep. I don't know what the deal is. We're gonna have to try and keep him awake for a little bit longer in the evening and maybe that will help. Last night I think I got about 2-4 hours of sleep....I'm shocked that I'm even fuctioning right now. I think I may try one of those 5 hour energy drinks and see if that works for me. (there was a lady at walmart that was passing them out on Black Friday, so we decided to take some) The only real problem about taking it tho is how will it affect Will.

Playoffs Playoffs Playoffs!!
The 49ers vs Saints and The Ravens vs The Broncos...Pretty good match ups today. My picks would have to be the Saints and the Ravens. Tomorrow my Packers play the Giants and I can not wait for this game! Will be a real jaw clencher if you as me. It definately was the last time these 2 teams came together and played.

Go Pack! Go!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cell Phone Blues

Never thought I would be sooooo sad not to be phone shopping. Ray got back from H&R Block this morning and said that he's only getting back just over $5,000 this year...last year it was over $6. He's not too happy about it because he said with all the debt that he has built up, he's going to be left with about $500...I told him to just throw it into savings but I think that's just something he will not consider. I need to tell him to just go get a new phone.

Now, as for me, I will be going to get a new phone ASAP. I get my W-2 form on Monday (hopefully) and will be getting my taxes done on Tuesday. I'm hoping for a decent return this year. With whatever I get back I will be putting $1,000 away for the summer since my best friend is getting married and I'm in the wedding. That way I know for sure I won't be short on cash. Then with whatever is left, I plan on buying the iPhone 4s --yes, a touch screen phone. My parents won an iPad from their work christmas party and I was just tinkering on it...think I could handle an iPhone.-- I've been trying to do a little research on different phones and a lot of people LOVE their I guess that's what I will go matter what the price.

But I think before this little family birthday party that I'm going to, I will get on verizon and just check some more reviews on a few other phones.

Anyway, I don't have any pictures to! So I will just have to update later.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Family Filled Weekend

Tomorrow I will be taking the boys back to Seward to see my parents and a bunch of family members. Now I knew that I would be going to my cousins baby shower, but had no idea that I would be going to a cousin's husbands birthday party at their house.

I'm not too thrilled that I have to drive 2 1/2 hours with both boys, then within the next 2 hours, have to show up at a party just to eat greasy pizza and force myself to be social. I love all my family, I really do. But lately, with the way so many of them have been acting and treating me during my pregnancy and about my "baby shower" has really irked me to the point of not wanting to claim any of them. Maybe by tomorrow I will feel differently. I just hate when people talk shit about me when it's usually over something sooo stupid. (I'm pretty sure I've complained about this before)

Complications with Colby
So yesterday we had Betty Jo come to house to see Colby. (If I haven't explained already, she's a lady that works with the school and comes to the house to help with us with Colby---talking, interacting, etc) While she was here, I honestly felt.....almost imbarrassed with how much Colby has gone backwords with his progression. He has improved a lot since we started seeing her 6 months ago, but yesterday he just seemed to have gone 2 steps back. He wasn't listening, he was throwing massive fits over silly things, was running circles and just wasn't interacting with her as much as he was before.

Granted he hasn't seen her for about 3 weeks, you would think he wouldn't act out so much. Betty Jo thinks it's because of the baby. He's trying to catch our attention by acting like he's the baby. I understand that, but it's still really frustrating. And to be honest, after she left yesterday, I just wanted to cry. I really feel like all the work that we have been doing with and for him has been for nothing, and that we're just not getting anywhere anymore. Seeing him regress yesterday just makes me feel like a failure as a parent. I feel like I'm the only parent that has a child who just WON'T talk. No matter how much we encourage him to talk, we can't force him to. If he doesn't want to talk, then he won't. It worries me for when he goes to school. I don't want my son to be made fun of, and come home crying because he doesn't understand. I also don't want him to be set back in school.'s just sooo much to take it, I don't know how I'm going to feel if William starts talking before Colby does. I also worry about William. What if we have the same problem with him that we do with Colby? What if neither of my boys start talking? I know, I know...I shouldn't even worry about this stuff, but I can't help thinking that I've failed as a parent.

Tomorrow we have Sue coming to do a check in with us, and I'm guessing to schedule our 6 month check-in with the team. I may have to ask her if she can find another workshop for parents of children with hearing issues. I just feel like we are soo alone with this issue. I do have a friend that has a son with autism, which stunted his speech. But he's improved soo much since I've first met him and they used the same people that we do.

Anyway, sorry for the sob story. Just really frustrated about yesterday and also really frustrated about this weekend. Might just be a super fast weekend which I guess I wouldn't mind.

Just a cute pic of William

my Packer fan!

**by the way, does anyone know if the banks are closed on Marten Luther King Day??

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

SNL?! OMG!!!

So if anyone has heard of the band Karmin, they will be on SNL 2/11/12!! OMG!!!! Amy & Nick are amazing! I actually went to school with Amy from K-12. I can't believe they're going to be on SNL already!! WOW! Move on over Ellen, Karmin has hit the big time!

Here is there Crash Your Party video for those who have not see it.

That's about all that I have for now... I'm sooo excited for them!! Hope everyone is watching!

Wordless Wednesday: 1 Month Old

William 1 Month Old 1/10/12

Monday, January 9, 2012

Let's Cruise Baby

I can not believe this weather! It's been sooo nice lately you would think that it's late October. Since it was so nice, Ray and I decided to load up the kids and go for a nice drive around the lake and around the towns. We wanted to see how well the Trailblazer rode, which is actually really nice!

While we were at the lake, we decided to scope out the camp areas. I've been wanting to go camping for the looongest time, and summer, it just didn't work out. So I decided that maybe around Easter time, I would talk to Ray's siblings and see if they would want to do a big family camping trip. Get a few camping spots in the same area and spend the weekend at the lake. I'm unsure if everyone would want to do it, but I think it would be really fun! I'm just unsure how well it will go over since most of us will have a child under the age of 1. lol. Oh well! William will be over 6 months (most likely) so sunscreen wouldn't be a big issue. Just have to wait and see.

After the lake, we drove around Alma for a little bit, then decided to head out to Stanford to see his brother's new house. --I was curious where they moved to-- On the way, we decided to drive around Orleans. He really wanted to show me the Catholic church that his mother goes to....why? Because he thinks it's such a pretty church to look at. Not to go to, but to look at.

Then after that we headed out to Stanford. Didn't drive around there too much. William started waking up, so we decided to head back to Alma.

On the drive back, Ray and I were talking about moving and what we would do with our house. I made the suggestion to have his little brother move in. --if we were going to have anyone rent, I think having family would be much easier to deal with then complete strangers-- Then we could move to Seward or around Seward and be closer to my family. I know he doesn't really care too much for the idea, but honestly, why not move if you could have more money?? and maybe a better house & more supportive family. I don't mind being close to his family, but I do miss being near my parents, and my dad is starting to get older and it really does scare me. But mainly, I want my kids to grow up around the grandparents that are actually INVOLVED in their lives. For my parents living 2 1/2 hours away, Colby seems to love them more then Ray's mother who only lives 15 minutes away. I don't know. Ray's dad is always working so we don't see him that often, but I think if we lived closer to Lincoln, we'd be closer to his dad's side of the family.

A lot was talked about, but there is never anything set in stone. So we'll see.

It was really nice to get out of the house and just be with my boys. Ray and I don't get out much as just us 2, so it's nice to drive around and talk. I know we need to get out more as just the 2 of us, but it's so darn hard when you have 2 kids and no one to babysit....reason why I think we should move.

But along with moving, another reason why I want to is because I'm sooo over my job. I love so many of the people that I work it, but the job itself is just not what I want to do with my life. I think if my mother could get Ray a job at Hughes Brothers making $15+ an hour, I could find a better part time job somewhere. I don't know.

That's about all I've got for now. Considering redoing my blog...seeing other people redo theirs makes me want to do mine, but I also really don't know what in the world I'm doing to change it! Sooooo I think it will be interesting to see if I can get it changed lol.

*Tomorrow I plan to post a 1 month photo of William:)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Football Sunday

Another day filled with football....just love it :) Well, the Giants beat the Falcons so next weekend they will face the Packers. Should be another great game. Right now it's the Broncos vs Steelers and to my surprise the Broncos are kicking some ass right now...I'm rather shocked. I'm not a Tebow fan but kudos buddy.

Nice Wheels
So as I promised, here is a picture of our new Trailblazer.

Ain't it purdy? :) Like I said, I'm not too happy at the fact that it's white, but it does look really nice. The backseat is VERY roomy. I was pretty shocked on that. Guess in the next few years I'll have to get myself a bigger car.

Taxes Baby
So I was talking to Ray about getting the insurance and plates on this thing and he, out of no where, said that he'll take about $3000 of it and I can have the rest....what? really?! But who knows how much that will be. Either way, I'll be happy getting some money here soon. I NEED a new phone! Grrr.

Since I haven't really talked too much about my kids, I think I should do that. Colby is about the same. This Wednesday we will be having Betty Jo coming back to the house. We haven't seen her for about 2-3 weeks, so it will be nice to get back into doing that.

William is doing great! Right now I have him in a newborn footie sleeper and it is TIGHT on him. My little peanut is growing up! Oh, and since I read on the bump a question about what we "nickname" our kids, I thought I would share a few of them here :) Colby has always been Colber-bean. Not sure why, but that's just what I call him. William has a few different names (a few I used to call Colby also). We call him peanut, sugar peas and sugar britches (<< I think that's how you spell that). I really can't stand people calling him Willy or Billy or Bill. The child is almost a month old, who calls a baby Bill? When he is old enough to decide, he can be called whatever he wants, but I like Will.

That always scares think about my kids being adults or even being old enough to go to school and have friends and girlfriends and what not. I think I will be fine having a million boys around all the time. It's the girls they bring around that will drive me nuts! It's funny because I think everyone secretly wants to be the "cool" parents lol.

Alright, now that it's almost 6, it's time to eat!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wildcard Weekend

Yep Yep Yep! Another football filled weekend, and I LOVE IT! Thus far, my predictions have not gone as planned. With the Texans vs Bengals, I was routin' for the Bengals...of course they lost lol. Now I am watching the Saints vs Lions game cheerin' on the Saints. Since they're winning, I'm not too worried about this game.

Vroooomm baby
We are now the new owners of a 2004 Chevy Trail Blazer!! Sorry I don't have a picture of it right now. Ray & his brother went up to get the car this morning and Ray just took it straight to work with him, so I have yet to see the thing today. BUT I promise to get a few pictures posted! If not this week, then by next weekend when I am at my parents and using a computer that works better then mine!

The only real "argument" that Ray and I have had about this car is whether or not he should put me on the insurance or not. I think that he should, but he's not so sure about it. He doesn't think that he can because we are not married, but I don't think you have to be married to do that.....but what the hell do I know? Either way, he said that he will ask about it. I think it would be a smart idea to put me on it if he can because I know I will be driving it at some point without him in the car.

Cell Phone Blues
At this point in time, I am soo over my stupid phone it's not even funny. I have had my blackberry pearl for almost 3 years now. The battery has basically reached it's end. I mean, it doesn't even stay charged for a full day anymore. I don't have a charger anymore either...just the one for the car. So whenever my phone is dying, I have to throw my shoes on, grab my keys and head out to my car so I don't lose the call. --completely sucks to be honest with you. I even had to do this the night I was in labor with William!--

So now I am having a problem trying to figure out what phone I want. I'm guessing that I will get a touch screen phone, even tho I told myself I never EVER would get one....but that's almost impossible these days. But what touch screen phone do I get?? That's the problem. After I get my tax return, first thing I will be doing is getting a new phone. Pretty sure Ray will be getting a new phone himself, since his phone decided to take a shit on him the weekend that William was born.

I am really hoping I can get a new phone by the middle of next month. I don't think I can tolerate my phone for too much longer. If I had the money now, I would go and get one this coming weekend, but seeing as I am broke, that won't be happening.

Just So Tired
I must say, that I am soooo gosh darn tired. Seems like William is starting to get into a pattern of sleeping for about 2-4 hours at a time, but when he wakes up every 2 hours in the middle of the starts to get to you. I wanted to start working on getting into a routine at night so then when I go back to work, I won't be so tired...or atleast won't be late for work. I really have enjoyed my time off tho. Almost thought about not going back, but I really do miss seeing everyone at work and getting out of the house. I feel like I'm just a hermit that is stuck in the house all damn day long. I know I felt that way with Colby too. I guess I just worry that I won't have enough milk stored up during the day for Ray to give Will or that I won't be able to pump at work as much as I would like...ugh...idk.

When I go home next weekend, I will be buying a alarm clock. Just one of those little battery powered clocks that are nothing but an alarm clock. I was using my phone, but since it's taken a shit, I can't trust it.

Speaking of weekend will be William's first across the state trip to see my family in Seward. I remember taking Colby for his first trip. He slept the entire ride from what I remember. I'm wondering how both kids will do on this trip. Colby will pass out but if William starts crying, then I KNOW Colby will wake up and freak out. Guess we'll just have to see. I'll be driving my car and not the new blazer, but I guess that's ok.

Well....I'm thinking that is all for now. It's after 10 and my game has about 1:00 left on the clock...YEY SAINTS!! :) haha. I need to start putting more pictures of the boys up here, but like I said, will have to do that next weekend. Also, need to change a few things on my blog pages. Don't really need my baby check list anymore haha.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

5 Days Left

In 5 days, my baby boy will be a month old! OH MY GOODNESS! I can't believe how fast this first month has gone. Feels like we've had him for a few months already. I am really surprised that I haven't given up on breastfeeding tho. I do think about giving up tho...mostly because I want to sleep at night and not get up to pump when I should. BUT, since we haven't had to suppliment at ALL since the first day we've been home, I don't see why I would stop now.

I also think that William has gotten pretty big since we've brought him home. Colby gained weight pretty fast when he was that tiny too...atleast from what I remember. I always thought something was wrong with Colby because he just wasn't gaining weight like every one elses babies were...atleast it seemed that way. I'm starting to wonder if William will be my chubby baby :)

Another thing that I have noticed that I do a lot is catch myself staring at William a lot. (Don't get me wrong, all new mothers do this with their children) But I keep looking at him and studying his face. I keep looking for differences between him and Colby. From what I have gathered thus far, Colby, I believe, is much more built like me. He's got pretty long legs, even tho he is still on the shorter side. William seems to have a little big shorter legs with really big thunder his daddy. I've noticed them when he first came out. Also, Ray had really weird toes..atleast 2 weird toes. William has the same thing. So he got his daddies toes..Colby doesn't have them.

Really can't wait until the 17th when we take William in for his 1 month check up. I'm really wanting to know how much my little man has grown. He weighed 7lbs 12oz when we last had him weighed and he had gained 7oz in 4 days! So I think that's pretty good! For whatever reason tho, I have a feeling he may only weigh about 8-9lbs. If he is close to 10lbs I will be shocked! But my parents keep commenting on the photos they see of him on facebook that he is really starting to fill out....which I completely agree.

So a weeks ago when my mother was down, we had gone down to the variety store to pick up a few things. While we were wandering, I was looking at their picture frames (because I LOVE picture frames) and came across one that I have never seen before. I found one that has brothers at the bottom of it. You can always find sisters or family or even friends but I have never seen one that has brothers on it. Well, a few weeks ago, I decided to go down and buy it. I just couldn't pass it up. The only other place that I would want to look to see if they had these would be Gordmans. But when in the hell am I going to get to Gordmans?? Probably never.

babies babies babies
Next weekend is really exciting because my cousin has her baby shower. She, I believe, is the first cousin on my mothers side to have a baby girl. All the rest of us have little boys. I feel terrible tho because I haven't boughten her anything yet. I wanted to order her the cutest little hat from etsy but haven't had the chance to do it yet. Thinking I'll order it in a few weeks then just send it to her in the mail. I really can't wait to meet her little one...mostly because I think she's going to be a red head :) Her husband is a red head and she has blonde we will see!!

Along with her, Ray's sister-in-law is due in Feburary by c-section. They're on their 3rd child. They have a boy and a girl already and this little bundle is another little boy....who is also grandchild #8.....crazy!

Then my co-worker is due in March (by c-section) and they are team green. I'm wondering what she's gonna have...hmmmm.

It's crazy to think tho that so many people are pregnant right's rather crazy...also, a lot of people are talking about wanting to have another baby which I find a little odd... Maybe because it's winter time??

Alright....think that's about all. We're going up tomorrow to look at the trail blazer and test drive it. Ray doesn't really want me to come along, mostly because if I go, then so do the kids. But unless he can find a sitter for a few hours, they're going with us. I have to see this car. Will keep everyone updated.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Birth Control Dilema

What to do, what to do. Before William was even born, I had been planning on getting Mirena. I planned this because I felt that this was the best option for us since we really don't want any more kids at this point. But now, for whatever reason, I'm starting to get nervous about getting it. My dr said she wouldn't be able to put it in for me, so I would have to go to another dr to have it put in. Also, the whole thing about having something in my body is a little scary...why, I don't know, but it is.

I guess it's just a fear of mine that something will go wrong with it. I mean, I've never really had any major issues with my period, and I know when I got on birth control after having Colby, the pill completely screwed up my system. I don't want something like that to happen again, but everyone I have talked to has never had a problem with Mirena at all. BUT I think when I go back to the dr, I will ask her what I need to do. If I just need to schedule with another dr that day or what needs to happen. I would like to her check me out first before I let some other dr do so.

Sick of sickness

So, yet again this morning, Colby decided to just throw up E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. Ray of course gave Colby a bath, but guess who got stuck cleaning up the vomit...oh yea, little old me. (Another reason why I think 2 kids is just fine) Let me tell you, it was not a pretty sight. Just glad that Will was a very happy baby so I could clean up the mess.

Now, what caused Colby to get sick?....we really have no idea. He's been just fine all day, and doesn't have a temp. Just must have been one of those things.

No More Tebow Time!!

Alright. I have had quite enough of Tim Tebow. I swear to Buddha, this morning on about 5 different channels, they had mentioned Tebow. Even talking about politics! REALLY?!! Come on!! What the fuck does Tim Tebow have to do with politics?? He is NOT a god, and shouldn't be looked at as such. I'm soooo over this kid it's ridiculous. My cousin actually started talking about him and I said "Ok, who really cares about Tebow?" and he completely freaked on me saying how he's earned everything he has and he's such a great player and blah blah blah.....

.....I'm not going to sit here and say that I "hate" Tebow, because I don't hate him. I'm just really sick and tired of everyone making such a big deal about this kid. I don't care if he's this super friendly, down to earth, respectable quarterback that has some magic stick stuck up his ass to help win games....I'm just sick and tired of everyone making such a big deal about HIM. It takes more then just a quarterback to win football games.

Vroom baby

So last night Ray's younger brother stopped at the house. He had just bought a new truck and was going back up to pick it up. Ray decided that he wanted to go with him first, to pick up a few things, and then also to browse the lot. I will say that his brother's truck is pretty damn nice! Well, when they got back Ray said that they had seen a Trail Blazer that was an '03 and looked to be in really great condition. They, I believe were asking for about 10,500(?) and we're more then willing to get a car that is about that much.

Anyway, Ray seemed pretty excited about it, and the sales lady told Ray she could get him a good deal on the blazer. So, today Ray talked to the bank and we're waiting to see if we can get approved for a loan. Tomorrow we are going to go back to the dealership and test drive the thing...Ray was going to go himself, but I believe I need to see this thing too. There is no way I will let both of my kids go into a car that I haven't seen yet....atleast not one we want to buy. But either way, we might be getting a new car REALLY REALLY soon!! :) yey!

If we DO get the car, I will for sure post a picture :) Ray told me that it's white...ick...but I suppose I can live with white. He said he's also unsure if it as leather seats or not...leather is definately easier to clean when you have kids...buuuutttt living in this bipolar weather state, I'm not a big fan of leather...haha. I just want to see the car and the inside of it. Will DEFINATELY need to test drive the thing and see how much space is in the back, since we have some pretty important cargo that will be back there. I'm excited!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Money Money Money

Today I had to go into work and talk to my boss about using up my PTO because I didn't get a paycheck on Monday. Right now, it sucks a lot because I have less then $200 to pay 2 bill that are both over $100. UUUGGGHHHH!! Oh well, it will be taken care of. I'm just glad that I will be getting a paycheck next pay period. I had 80 hours worth of PTO to use it, so that works out great!

Alright, so since I play on going back to work after the 17th of this month, I have been trying to get a sleep schedule worked out with Will. We did great yesterday, but this morning just didn't work out the way I wanted it to. Tonight I'm going to try and get it working out. Since I have to be to work at 8, I need to try and get up by 6:30, feed myself and Will and get out the door before 7:55. This will be interesting.

Yey for TV of last night, my tv shows are back on! YEY!!! Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game and Switched At Birth. I'm really glad they came back! I missed my shows. I LOVE Switched At Birth. Since we have been trying to learn sign language for Colby, it's kind of nice to watch a show that has signing in it. Helps me learn a few little things that may come in handy later.

Pretty Little Liars was AWESOME last night. I'm glad it's finally giving us a few answers on WHO the hell A is. I'm pretty sure the person who killed Alison is different then the person sending the text messages. I'm just really unsure who it is right now. I think Jenna, Mona and Lucas were involved in killing Ali but whats-his-name (the cop) is the one sending the messages....OR he's the middle man. BUT I do find it weird that it was someone randomly from their english class would be A since the cop wasn't there....idk. They make it really confusing sometimes.

Anyway, nothing too much else going on. I have been ordering movies lately. I keep adding to my movie pile. I've been buying Bradley Cooper movies :) hehe. So far I have gotten All About Steve, Valentine's Day and Wedding Crashers. I still have He's Just Not That Into You coming and I want to go buy The Hangover II. haha I'm still on a Bradley Cooper kick. Also I'm wanting Sweet Home Alabama...mostly because of Josh Lucas. I have a nice list of movies that I want to get....since I did get The Help and Water For Elephants for Christmas :) hehe.

I also need to get working on my reading list. I haven't been reading AT ALL lately....feel a little out of wack because of it..was going to start working on reading before William got here but obviously that didn't happen. So need to start reading.

I have been noticing that my blogs have been very scattered lately....guess I need to get my thoughts more together before I start blogging. haha.

Anywho...not much else! Will blog later!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

HAPPY 2012!!!

Good bye 2011, Hello 2012!

Can't believe it's here! Already this morning we've had both kids crying for whatever reason and Ray decided to make popcorn, burn it..then spill his champagne on the carpet and then leave a FULL can of beer sitting on the floor. *eye roll*

Such a tard.

Today also is a Sunday, and you all know what that means..............PACKER GAME DAY!!!! WOO HOO!!!! Packers vs Lions today at 12 noon :) I can't wait!! It should be a pretty good game. Last time they played Suh got thrown out of the game....crazy! I'm unsure if he will be playing today or not. They haven't really shown much on that. But then that's old news anyway.

THEN tomorrow, Nebraska plays in the Capital One bowl! As terrible as it is, I'm not really that excited for this game...We haven't played in over a month, so I guess I'm just over Husker season football....I just pray we WIN!!!

Anyway, I hope everyone had a safe and happy new years!!