Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Macbook vs PC

Alright, so I know there really is no comparing between a macbook & PC but I really am in need of a new computer. My computer right now has been doing pretty well for being as old as it is, but I need something with webcam built in & something that doesn't freeze up after 20 minutes of use.

Now, my dream would be to own a 15" MacBook Pro. BUT it all depends on what my tax return ends up being this year. If I end up with more then $6,000 then I will splurge on a MacBook. If I get less then that I think I will just settle for a Toshiba 17" computer that I found that I actually kind of like.

So right now I am watching the Giants vs Cowboys game. haha I wish Ray was home so I could force him to watch with me. He used to be a really big Cowboys fan but since has fallen from being a "super fan". I, even being a Packer fan, am cheering for the Giants. I kind of grew to like them last season & was pretty excited that they won the super bowl.

With the weather finally starting to cool off, it's starting to feel like football season again. I LOVE this time of year. From August until February, we are all about football in this house!

OH, yes. My Huskers won on Saturday!! WHOOP WHOOP! Super proud of my boys! Taylor Martinez has widely improved his game, and I'm glad because I was gonna write & tell them to bench him if he hadn't gotten help over the summer. I mean, this is your junior should know what needs to be fixed and what is expected of you. So I'm proud of him!

Really sucks that my Sexy Rexy got hurt tho. He is on my fantasy team damn it! haha but seriously he's one of our best players and he got benched.

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